The TEA Party only wants some people to have a vote?

One of the TEA Party leaders believes that only land owners should vote. At this rate why note just have officials selected for us by the Benevolent Right? Why bother at all with this voting nonsense? Anyone who’s not on the Right is just a sick Liberal anyway.

Source below. Before you go and call it biased for not being Fox News, it contains the actual audio.

8 Responses to “The TEA Party only wants some people to have a vote?”

  1. Reagan '12 Says:

    They are probably advocating the requirement that one needed to own land, which was a real requirement if you look back in history. It used to be "….life, liberty, and the pursuit of land" rather than "…pursuit of happiness."

  2. How would I know Says:


    Yeah.. linking to a site as laughable as that is sure to make you look credible.

  3. bi-polar-itical Says:

    and dems have said only taxpayers should be able to vote. it is one persons opinion, not the party line. non issue

  4. Numbers Quest Says:

    Who cares? Land ownership is not required in order to vote. If someone tried to pass a law requiring it THEN we should take action. Like my grandmother says… Opinions are like fingers and toes, almost everybody has at least one.

    Also, the voice of one person does not represent everyone opinion. I am a moderate, personally I think both sides are nuts.

  5. Tea Party Patriot Says:

    I would have to disagree with him. I think all tax paying citizens should have the right to vote.

    I do not believe cradle to grave welfare riders , who do not work nor ever worked should be able to go to the voting booth. if you are not disabled and you choose not to work , then why should you have a say in where the tax money collected ( that you do not pay ) goes?

  6. BlackSunshine84 Says:

    I’m conservative and I completely disagree with what he says, and I think you will find that overwhelmingly conservatives would agree with me, but I don’t deny him the right to think it because it is a good thing for people to be able to discuss ideas, be they good or bad, right?

    It’s kind of like Dems wanting felons to vote from prison cells. I disagree with that, too, but they have a right to their opinion and I’d rather know they are thinking it so that I can be prepared to debate it should it become necessary.

  7. GABY Says:

    Typical liberal. "One" tea party person believes something and that describes all of them. How ignorant. Most tea party supporters are just working people that want our government to stop putting us into more debt and are afraid the government is destroying our children’s future.

    Obviously this feeling represents the majority of us because the people voted overwhelmingly against the liberals in power.

  8. Bug Says:

    One of the main tenets of the tea party is a strict interpretation of the Constitution as originally intended by the founders.
    That means, only land owners can vote.
    Not women. Not minorities.

    It also means that some people only count as "three-fifth" of a person, and slavery is ok.

    This is what they mean when they say "take the country back"…back to the 1700’s.