The truth about oil and natural gas prices?

I stumbled on these two links yesterday while I was browsing Yahoo answers.
Please read at least the second one, its kind of a summary of the first, these explian the true reason oil and natural gas prices are so high. The first link was put out by the US Senate but ignored, by congress and the media, the people have a right to know please read.……

Also I’m pretty sure someone had to get paid off for all this to happen what do you think?
And one surprise its not OPEC
New second link…
Weird im posting it directly from the site don’t know why i can’t get a good second link.
Weird sorry about my links not working, heres a link to the question answers thing that i found them on they work for me form there.;_ylt=AmoRMlG5HB97KUow6NWMuPrty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080626070717AAnI7hP&show=7#profile-info-130dba6dd4565d3d900d63269b7ab29baa

7 Responses to “The truth about oil and natural gas prices?”

  1. Lite-Taco Says:

    all the Oil CEO’s did admitted to Congress last month that

    -It cost $10 to make a barrel of Oil but trade on Wall Street for $130 a barrel

    -Oil refineries are only operating at a 60-80% capacity because demands are low and supplies are high

    The problem is at Wall Street

    Fix it there

  2. Super B Says:

    second link is not working ….

  3. andy Says:

    considering that neither link opened for me, I would have to guess that what ever is being reported is misleading information by the politicians to safe their jobs.

  4. Pfo Says:

    Both of your sources do not exist

  5. Shock's in the Mud Says:

    I would read it if the Links went somwhere…They dont work

  6. acyberwin Says:

    Here is another one that the government doesn’t want you to know about… These taxes are eventually paid for by YOU when you fill up your gas tank!

  7. Scoop Says:

    No, you’re right it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with OPEC or anyone overseas. It’s the oil companies here in the US that are driving prices to an alltime high. Did you know that gas prices are reaching record-breaking prices just as the oil companies are making RECORD-BREAKING PROFTS?! And it’s not like Bush or our government are going to do anything about it–they’re in the oil companies pockets! They’re all oil men! We need to stop our dependence on fossil fuels and start looking towars electric vehicles because at this point, we’re not going to last much longer.