There Will be No Doomsday?

The World Will Not End in 2012

Because the Mayans had said it was their calendar that would end, not ours. And how also, how on Earth is a deadly plague going to strike us just like that?, and even if it did happen, it would have to be Magical and I’m 100% sure that Magic is behind us. The only way for the plague to happen is for something like an even worse case of Swine-Flu was going to break out.


Hmm, if people of the world have been listening to the History channel, and have heard that the 1st sign of Apocalypse is War then I’m pretty sure its not going to happen because they wouldn’t want the World to end. And Israel and Iraq are already at War, so there’s no reason to start a War now… And I very much doubt that another one will happen since there’s no one against each other.


This means that there’d be a food shortage; however that’s happening now, in Africa and poor places. But we sort of control the weather via Global Warming. If we try and use less Co2 then we can stop the Arctic and places like the Arctic from being ice-less. Whats this got to do with the shortage of food? Well, if we make it rain more then more of our crops and foods will grow. Which means we won’t go to a shortage of food we will have enough to last us. Simple. Only if we consider that the Co2 is really high and we need to bring that down.


To stop an Earthquake from happening, we need to stop a few things; Coal-Mining, the construction of reservoirs, and drilling for oil and gas. If we stop these then Earthquakes would be less frequent and dangerous. To find oil, we can dig the soft Earth which wouldn’t make a different in the Earthquake’s Environment.

Crime, crime, crime. Everyone’s committing it. It couldn’t be any worse…
Knife Crimes, Killings, Allsorts. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY for crime to get any worse. That would have to be a way of how we are. We’d have to be mental enough to kill. No one on Earth can drive us to kill people. So how could there be anymore crimes? Truth is, there CAN’T.


To start of, people have there own opinion. And if you do go mental then, that isn’t exactly destroying the Earth, but is destroying us. We could become lonely and might have no friends at all, but isn’t that better then the World being destroyed? Well, it isn’t, I just need proof.


5 Responses to “There Will be No Doomsday?”

  1. Faesson Says:

    Hey… this doesn’t make any sense at all.

    "stop and earthquake from happening"? Can you provide a citation of how that is possible? Don’t just SAY things, support them.

    Everyone’s committing crime? Where do you live? Cell Block H? Most people are honest. Even thieves don’t steal ALL the time. Please, don’t exaggerate so much, just to make a point.

    "We could become lonely and might have no friends at all" definitely a worry for me, but at least I still have family… and a couple close friends. What that has to do with Doomsday, I have no #$% idea.

    What you said about Famines is mostly true, however, no matter what we do about CO2 in the coming years, living in some places in Africa will be problematic. Hell, even in places where they HAVE food, their distribution systems suck so much that people starve. I will give you points on this one.

    "the Mayans had said it was their calendar that would end," this is absolutely FALSE. The MAYANS never said that either their calendar ends nor that it meant the world will end. This is all due to some white Harvard guy making a joke in 1966. Yup, hard to believe that so many people fell for it. Egg on your face.

    "if people of the world have been listening to the History channel" Please, no. THC is the worst excuse for a source of information in the cable world. That guy on Community Access with the chalkboard is more reliable. You have to go as far as Youtube to find anything LESS reliable than The History Channel. "Apocalypso-thon!" "Nostradamus 2012" Man, these guys want your dollars so bad they probably stand near the freeway selling oranges during their off-hours.

    All of the 2012 crap is crap. Its a hoax. Not real. Not a single scientist believes ANY of it. The people that made this crap up were nuts. No, I didn’t mean "I don’t agree with them", I meant "bat-droppings crazy".

    For example….

    Nancy Lieder has more frequent flier miles than Barrack Obama, except SHE travels in a Flying Saucer. Yes, she came up with Planet X.

    Jose Arguelles claims to be a reincarnated Mayan priest. Yeah, yeah, I know… Shirley MacLaine is an American Treasure, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a LOON. Arguelles came up with the Exploding Mayan Calendar.

    Terrence McKenna did more drugs than Timothy Leary. Okay, so NO ONE did more drugs than Timothy Leary, but it was close. McKenna, on one of his trips on Magic Mushrooms, came up with the "Chinese Connection" between the "I Ching" and his "Novelty Theory", calling it "Time Wave Zero" and spreading the lies to include China, which is very unfair. Sure, they poison our dogfood and add lead to baby toys, but they are innocent of the 2012 malarkey.

    "Doctor" Jaysen Rand also likes to vacation in far off lands. Far FAR off lands, only reachable by Flying Saucer. He got his "Doctorate" by attending a conference of UFOologists. Why do they insist on calling them "UFOs"? The "U" stands for "unidentified" and according to "Doctor" Rand they are all from the Planet Omicron or something, so they are IDENTIFIED! Woo! Real alien life! Any proof? Well, no. He is just one more LOON.

    Scratch below the surface of a 2012er and you get a nutcase. Every time.


  2. Mictlantecuhtle Says:

    The Earth goes through changes that is what it does that is what happens.

  3. Thades Says:

    Well I believe that 2012 is when Major changes with happen in the world. I don’t think it’ll end. Unless 2012 is the year where a Huge war between gods, demons, and angels begin then it’ll be be bad news for us humans. But I don’t think the world is going to end any time soon.

  4. kandee_rox Says:

    That Doomsday stuff is bull crap.
    if the world was going to be over, it would have ended a long time ago,

  5. dan b Says:

    Well, that’s not quite the way I see it:
    Future man will be vastly superior to you or me due to gene enhancement.
    In praxis it means that the very rich finally will be the end ruler of all our kind. And the sole survivors. Living underground or in domes. Cyborgs are here to stay.
    The climate:
    Reducing the CO2 is way too late. And we have seen nothing yet; even if we stopped overnight polluting, were already way over 350ppm needed to save the Maldives. Time is Not on our side.
    Due to the scorching of the earth, food production will become unpredictable and erratic. Food monopolies will (miss)rule the 3. world
    The migration:
    Hence, the people in Africa will have to move to inhabitable places, but they’ll be overcrowded already, and struggle will ensue. Slow mode the end of the Black people.
    India and Brazil might well kill of themselves, or they might be helped by a virus they don’t have any vaccine to fight. ( Not like "us", for a while ,at least.)
    That leaves the Yellow and Caucasian ( read aryan ) races to fight the inevitable race-war.
    The outcome will probably be a world population well under the desired 1 billion people.
    They will mostly be homosexuals, since the idea of procreation by sexual relations will seem idiotic and asking for slavery, and therefore there will be no reason for the sexes not to hate each other.
    1984 has been here, done it, and now, with our minds destroyed by propaganda we’re heading for the Brave new World.
    But it’s no real worry for you or your kids, unless you hurry and become filthy rich.
    I think.