This question is about the gas and oil problems……………..?

I would like to know why we continue to buy oil from OPEC nations but yet we drill off of our own shores, pipe in from Alaska, and own several rigs in the pacific near Mexico and refine it here? Why are we not using our own fuel and rather ship to an off shore storage facility on the global scale and then let OPEC set rates for our own oil and gasoline? It doesn’t make any sense to me why Big Oil here in the US can make such HUGE profits but we make it here and ship somewhere else and so call " rebuy " it back and charge us more. Someone is pulling the wool over our eyes and we are just too lazy to lift it to see what is going on? Explain please. I am so confused on this issue.
Guys, we have been drilling for over 60yrs and refining even longer, but yet we have to keep buying from somewhere else?! What are we stock piling? What war, what future needs are we going to have that we need to stock pile 60 yrs of gas for? They need to let loose our own supplies and drop the prices so that the economy doesn’t suffer anymore problems and collapses. Thanks Mr. Bush! Have a beer and sit on your oil rig and spin! lol
I thought that if we start using our stock pile it would drop the demand and make the price of oil drop because we wouldn’t need to buy any for a loooooong time. This way they would be begging for us to buy their oil and begging us to refine it for them. Am I right?

6 Responses to “This question is about the gas and oil problems……………..?”

  1. esawskid Says:

    You go girl!! You have said it "ALL"!! It IS, all about big oil, greed on their part, and acceptance on our part. The only ones who can change the price at the pump are,"We The People". If we go less and use less gas, I will guarantee the price will go down. If we will not buy any of the items that seem to have all spiked at once, the prices will drop. We must have the MAJORITY of the people join us, or prices will continue to escalate. Your opinion was a very good one. Thank you

  2. Randall E Says:

    Yes we need to drill and refine more and yes there are inefficiencies in refining and in the supply chain, mostly for well-intentioned environmental reasons but in almost all cases resolvable without jeopardizing public health or continuation of any species.

    However the $2/gallon jump in gasoline prices in the last few years is mostly due to the declining dollar.

  3. Ezekiel Says:

    Yes, The US has oil but we must ensure a long period oil; if we spend OUR oil, we won’t have enough in case or a war. For that reason we have to have in stock.

  4. libsticker Says:

    We have trade agreements and we have companies making a profit, that is what companies are in the business to do, make profits, and as long as we continue to demand they will continue to supply at record profits.

  5. Alan S Says:

    you are looking at this from a very socialist standpoint, produce it here, use it here, put the nations needs ahead of foreign needs. the oil companies look at it from a capitalist slant, I’m going to make as much money as I possibly can, Fu@k everyone. In this instance, I like your view.

  6. Mookie Says:

    I agree completely with you, Karma. Stock piling equals greed…we are in need now! We are being raped by OPEC, but our current administration began careers in oil before politics….we suffer, their accounts are being lined quite nicely. I’m just disgusted by it all, really. You aren’t confused, Karma, but just telling it like it is and any explanation of the "why" is just plain confusion.