This question related to oil & gas well drilling and wireline operation?

for wire line operation ( slick line ) what is the deference between Electro magnetic line and the electronic line, if any has used the electro magnetic line , what do you think about it.
thanks in advance

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  1. tlbs101 Says:

    I used to do wireline logging over 25 years ago. I have not heard the term electro-magnetic line, but I suspect it is just a marketing term for coaxial cable.

    All of the wireline logging I did used braided cable with 7 conductors in the center of the cable. All signals and power were multiplexed onto those 7 conductors.

    With the proper technology (that was not available 25 years ago), it is now possible to multiplex several signals onto one coaxial cable (using any number of techniqies: time-division multiplexing, frequency division multiplexing, broadband transmission of modulated RF, and more). Power can be sent down-hole on the 2 conductors.

    It may also be possible that the outer metal of the slickline acts as the outer conductor, so all you would need is the slickline metal, a concentric insulator, and a small inner conductor to make a coaxial cable.

    This arrangement would be far cheaper to make than a multi-conductor braided cable. Of course there is still the matter of strength. A slickline cannot be used for deep wells, or with heavy tool stacks.