To Buy or Not to Buy a natural gas vehicle?

150K Miles on it?
I recently became intrigued by natural gas vehicles due to the fact that I live in California and commute 100 miles per day. The GX will allow me to ride in the carpool lane and save me about 30 minutes a day on average. I was just wanting some input as this car is an older vehicle with 150K Miles on it. The price tag is set at ,700. It is very hard to find these vehicles used in this area. The pros that I see are cheaper gas, enviromentally friendly, & Carpool lane access. The cons I see, are older vehicle and NGV which may come with some costly repairs and maintenance, and having to fill up just about every day due to the small gas capacity.

The price of a newer model runs about 25K, but I am unwilling to invest this much money in a vehicle before I am fully sold on the technology. All thoughts and advise are much appreciated.


One Response to “To Buy or Not to Buy a natural gas vehicle?”

  1. Timothy D. Says:

    I live in SoCal also, so I understand your dilemma. The thing about natural gas vehicles is that most of them are large, and therefore are not economical to begin with (F150’s primarily). All in all, if you want to save money, a corolla or civic is a better value because it will last longer and give better economy and longevity. But… no carpool.

    For the long term, the US sits on a huge supply of natural gas, and it will be popular in the future.