Tokyo's next earthquake what is the possibility in the next couple of years or even sooner?

Japan is prone to earthquakes of devastating proportion and the next big one is expected very soon.
The artificially induced movement of the tectonic plates from ever increasing numbers of people who create artificial vibrations that trigger enormous catastrophic earthquakes is not taken seriously enough.
Man through his drilling for oil, gas, water, minerals and whatever else leaves many empty crevices or half filled ones that ultimately cave in when the pressure bearing down from too much weight gives it in.
The Japanese people must expect the unexpected very very soon.
Hey Dook I beg to differ as global warming induced natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are definitely related to this section.
Call it what you will whether as a prediction or prophecy or whatever else that people fancy but it doesn’t alter the fact of truth in any way that these natural disasters will happen and one that people must get ready for.
Its better than being the idiot that holds everything back for the fear of ridicule rather than having the courage to inform people for their own safety.
If people don’t understand the well intended motivation and meaning that it was given then they should look at themselves in the mirror and see the culpability there.
So many people don’t realize how narrow minded, short sighted, petty minded, and very small they are in consciousness.
If they succumb to fear, agitation and anxiety, then this problem lies within themselves and not elsewhere.
So just as every person here is free to speak their minds just as you do
Hey Dook, why not allow the same rights that you are exercising equally for other people.
Gee it must have been some hell of a hole she had Jim, save the details for next time..

4 Responses to “Tokyo's next earthquake what is the possibility in the next couple of years or even sooner?”

  1. Paula Says:

    Earthquakes are caused by movement of material in the earth’s molten interior. That puts pressure on the earth’s crust that is eventually dissipated in an earthquake. Volcanoes erupt due to the same process.

    Up to now we (scientists) have not been able to predict any any earthquake. Volcanic eruptions are able to predicated to a certain extent.

    In the case of earthquakes, it is a valid assumption, that as each year passes, the likelihood of an earthquake happening increases.. There are indicators but the understanding of the process does not enable any useful predictions to be made.

    The Japanese people, are expecting an earthquake. What is unexpected about it is simply, when will it happen.

    Volcanoes are a bit easier to predict, because in the lead up to an eruption, minor earth tremors occur and ground swelling. That indicates a heightened chance of eruption. Often warnings are given about specific volcanoes and people evacuate threatened areas. Such warnings are increasingly seen as accurate, although the actual timing of an eruption is still generally only predicted for "within the next few days".

    By the way, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not related to the mechanisms that cause global warming.

  2. Hey Dook Says:

    The same, roughly, as it was last year, or last century.

    As explained in probability theory, the probability of a random event (heads or tails) is unaffected by prior random events. Kindly stop posting your "predictions" about earthquakes and volcanoes in the global warming category where they do NOT belong.

  3. Richie Says:

    WOW I completely agree with Dook… but I do find your utter dedication and commitment to AGW quite funny :)

  4. jim z Says:

    I knew a woman who created more than her share of artificial vibrations who had many empty crevices or half filled ones that ultimately cave in when the pressure bearing down from too much weight