TRAILER PARK NEW LEASE SAYS NO ELECTRIC HEATERS and can land owner enter at any time?

Can they legally do this? Also the new park owner is very anxious to get into everyone.s home for some reason she tries to insist on seeing the inside and just shows up any time and knocks on your door? in the new lease my mom got it says she can enter your home at any time to check appliances or anything she feels if for safety inspections? Is this legal because everyone is older and owns their trailers out right but she owns the land?
I know if you rent an apartment they have to give you notice to come in- but they OWN the apartment and she does not own the trailers?

3 Responses to “TRAILER PARK NEW LEASE SAYS NO ELECTRIC HEATERS and can land owner enter at any time?”

  1. Towanda Says:

    I can see that an owner might want to be sure that your trailer is up to code and the electric heater thing probably has to do with them being a fire hazard if your wiring will not support them properly. I could also see that she would have the right in case of an emergency or if you seem to be breaking your lease in some way. . .like she says no pets and she hears barking or water running out your door. . . The lease then covers her butt but how can she get in if it is your trailer and you have the keys? I don’t see how she can legally do that. My only advice is that just because something is in a lease, doesn’t make it legally enforceable. You need to find out what laws pertain to your situation. The laws in most states. . .for apartments. . .states that to come in under normal situations, you must have 24 hour notice and that usually is to fix something. . .but I’m with you. ..I don’t see she has the legal right. . but I don’t know that for a fact. And if she is checking for code, there are certain people that do that for your local government, not her.

  2. catskillflower Says:

    you are correct….what i don’t get is why does she care if you use electric heaters if you own the trailer…it’s not her problem…it’s yours…and as for checkin appliances that too is none of her business….as a landlord if she owned the trailer itself she would have the right to go in unannounced ONLY if it were and emergency otherwise you need to be notified…but she just owns the land…so the only thing she can complain about or has any say about is what is happening on the property itself….ex lawncare or junk etc….i know laws vary from state to state…but i have never heard anything different on this matter…i would not sign the lease right yet…if you have a lawyer friend i would ask them for an opinion….once you sign that paper…you are then giving her permission to enter…best of luck w/ this shady lady!

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