True or False: People who support Candidates that favor off-shore drilling ..?

Are mindless sheep who don’t know the facts?

Proponents for drilling make the argument that setting up offshore drilling will reduce America’s dependence on other countries for oil.
A few key facts:

1. Offshore drilling here in the United States will not bring us lower gas prices. Oil prices are determined by the global oil market

2. Increased oil production doesn’t mean that we will pay less for gas. From 1999 to 2007, the amount of drilling permits increased by 361 percent.

3. It would take at least a decade for oil companies to obtain permits, procure equipment, and do the exploration necessary to get the oil out of the ground, most industry analysts say. And even then, they add, the amount of new oil produced would probably be too small to significantly affect world oil prices.

4. By 2027, gas prices would only fall by 3.5 cents per gallon if we drill for oil offshore.

DNA fairy, you are right, the two "speculations" slightly conflict. To edit, it should be stated that the oil production would make a 3 cent change 20 years from now.

6 Responses to “True or False: People who support Candidates that favor off-shore drilling ..?”

  1. Anthony D Says:

    they’ve been drilling in the gulf for the past few years and look where gas prices are………

  2. dnafairy Says:

    Points #1 and #4 are in conflict with one another.

    Anyway, your facts are not facts. They are speculation. Much like speculators who started bidding lower once talk of offshore drilling began..


    True dat, but if we don’t drill the price will only go up.

  4. The Merry Lil' Toaster. Says:

    I think the argument is pointless. First of all, I don’t think the drilling is going to do very much, if any, environmental damage. Second, I don’t think it’s going to have much, if any, effect on oil prices. Either way, not much is going to happen and it doesn’t really matter.

  5. twincrier Says:

    Even if all that were true, shouldn’t we be selling instead of buying? It makes no sense to buy a product you already own.

  6. HIllbilly Yacht Club Member Says:


    Your few key facts are not facts, contradict each other and fly in the face of all logical economics.