Two names on a lease, are both legally responsable to pay utilities?

Right now I am living in a house where two people signed the lease. Person A moved out and is still paying half the rent. Person A now refuses to pay heating and electricity.

Person B is getting stuck with all the heating, electricity, and the other half of the rent. The living contract is not going to expire for some time, and person B is still living in the house until the land owner finds new tenants.

Are both Person A and Person B legally responsible to equally share the heating and electricity? Or is person B stuck with paying all of it?

It should be noted that person A moved out with less than a days notice.
The person that moved out was responsible for all of the utilities and had them billed directly to them… However they called and have now canceled all heating and electricity and the power company etc has given the other tenant the chance to give them a new name… So this is making the person stay there 100% liable to the utilities company.

Wondering if this is legal to "ditch" out like this, or if they are still responsible for 1/2 the utilities bill since they are on the lease.

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  1. billybuttonz Says:

    Person A, assuming that person is not on the utility agreement, is responsible for no more than half the prorated amount of any utility bill accrued during the time of Person A’s tenancy. Person A is not responsible for any other amounts except those contracted for, ie half the lease amount. However, Person A may be held 50% liable for any damage as a result of utilities not being paid… ie water damage from frozen pipes… as per standard lease agreements…

  2. Patrick G Says:

    The two people on the lease are responsible for paying the lease.

    The person who’s name the utilities are under is responsible for those.

  3. buddy Says:

    If person A is not living there why should they have to pay for utilities.

  4. violet Says:

    this happened to me! my ex didn’t pay ANYTHING, and I got stuck with all the bills, because both our names were on the lease,
    and this crap is legal.. but you can sue the person who moved out for sure (if they have money, cuz my ex didn’t!)

  5. Matt L Says:

    Yes,… If for example: Joe and sue were dating and Joe had a house and decided to put Sue’s nameon the lease, that automattically makes both parties resoponsible for all utilities and responsabilities on the contract that comes with the lease. Trust me, experience is the best part of wisdom there is.

  6. Shane Says:

    You can take them to court for the rent as for the utilities that would matter if there name is on the utilities

  7. krystal c Says:

    1as long as there name is not on the bill and they dont have a written contract for them then no the dont hae to pay.

  8. jackson Says:

    Yes going after them for rent would not be super difficult.

    But whoevers name is on the utilities is the person who owes.