U.S. Constitution question?

The constitution is just a piece of paper that gets changed or ignored when those in charge find it to be inconvenient to what they want at the time. It has happened since the constitution was first drafted. This just was proved again when congress signed over the right to declare war over to the president directly violating the constitution. However, most importantly to me, how can another person or document GIVE me my rights? Who is anyone to tell me what MY rights are? The constitution guarantees MY freedom of speech because some rich, white, land owners, 200 years ago decided they would by their good graces GIVE me this right? The declaration of independence states that all men are created equal. If this is to be believed then how can one man decide what another man’s rights are?
I’d rather, actually. I find no need for any governing body. Hell, humans are the only animals who have a governing hierarchy. Look at animals in the wild. They answer to nobody. They live by the laws of the jungle.
John D

You don’t think that if someone wanted to kill me tomorrow, they wouldn’t?

People NEVER get killed or raped in this highly governored world!

*Sarcasm off*

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  1. trai Says:

    Uh, no, dude. All societal creatures have some kind of "government." Elephant, meerkat, and lion groups are ruled by a dominant females. The largest male gorilla is king of the mountain. Even bees and ants have a queen.

    The founding fathers didn’t "give" you your rights. They simply wrote down, and thus made into law, the rights they believed to be "inalienable," or fundamental by way of being a human being.

    Obviously, you make a good point about the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights in particular, since the federal government has managed to pass laws in the last seven years that violate all but two of the original ten amendments.

    But, come on now, no government at all? I’m sort of partial to things like roads, schools, and bridges at this point. I’m also really fond of libraries, parks, medical research, and a lot of other things government funding provides. Also, I’m pretty glad my milk is pasteurized, my paint doesn’t contain lead, and my neighbor can’t rent out his backyard as a toxic waste dump. Maybe you enjoy some of these things as well?

  2. JC Says:

    If it bothers you so much about how or who gave you your rights as a US citzen, then why not move yourself to a country where you have to earn your rights all on your own?

    You will be missed.

  3. Diskman01 Says:

    They believed the rights were God Granted, not government granted, but felt the need to spell them out for idiots who believed tyrants and were subdued by tyrants when the tyrants said, you don’t have a right to have property, you are my property, or I can kill you because you don’t have the right to live. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and it is meant to limit the government from making laws impeding on those rights, People needed it spelled out for them otherwise they wouldn’t fight back when someone declared themself king and started imprisoning people for no reason.

    To Your additional details. You are wrong. Look at wolves, they go in packs most generally, and there is usually a pack leader, someone they follow and support. When a wolf decides he doesn’t like the leader, he attacks the leader, and the winner will either become leader or stay leader. There is government in animals, people are just to blind to see it.

    Ants have natural government set up.
    Bee’s have government set up.
    Moths are just stupid, lamps are their government.
    Dogs have government, think about it, they are territorial. They consider themselves king of an area. When another dog invades their area, there’s a war.

    Basically, they have biological government. It’s not written out.

  4. John D Says:

    Thats cool. So someone could kill you tomorrow and you’d have no problem with that? Survival of the fittest. And after that I guess they can rape your children. Who needs laws.

  5. SophiaSeeker Says:

    Being an idealist, ironically, I can appreciate your cynicism for the intellectual-fascism and coercion that still goes on here in the U.S.

    1) Even though this is the subtlest form of ‘Control’ a government can have on a people, it might be the most dangerous.

    2) But who is the ‘real’ enemy here? The founding fathers with their shortcomings, yet best intentions/reasons/philosophies at heart, or the recent leadership of the past couple of decades that have sought a Kingship through the illusion of the facade of ‘Democracy’?

    3) Your passion and zeal is well noted and founded though it be misplaced in targeting the source of your frustrations.

    4) It’s times like these, when we have to rebuke firmly but non-violently anyone who dares to take or attempt to take any of our liberties….. Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and others didn’t ‘Ordain’ our rights, but made a playbook for those who couldn’t discern their own ‘inalienable rights’.

    5) Inalienable to me, means ordained by fate, god, nature, logic, common-sense…..whatever… of sentient(able to choose) beings… the most complex sentient beings thus far(it appears) is us ‘humans’ simply because we can think about thinking… and really the founding fathers were simply attempting to pass on this common-sense wisdom to the lay-people such as myself…thus the design of the playbook, rules, regulations, and penalties otherwise known as ‘The Constitution’..

    6) What is basketball or football without ‘Refs’? Sure we can play by the ‘honor’ system when we get together with friends/fam for pick-up games on occasions… but what if there are millions of dollars involved, Nike Corporate Contracts to be had, and Popularity and Fame to consume… by gum you’d want some standard that could be followed and agreed upon, otherwise the ‘sports’ themselves would be at a civil-war worse off then the U.S. is in at Iraq.

    7) Just becuase the Rules,Regs, and Rights can be broken or corruptible from the original…. doesn’t mean the ‘Original’ is ‘evil’, ‘fascist’, ‘the source of all our problems today’…. quite the opposite it is in the ‘corruption’, ‘the breaking’, ‘the going against’ any of these rules.

    8) Sure the constitution has become more complicated over time, but the ‘Fathers’ preamble summed up all those complications/contradictions/attempts at clarification with 3 concepts of freedom: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    9) Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are all the concepts of that document that need be of concern to us…. all else is ‘Commentary’..

    10) Your right the ‘fathers’ didn’t give these rights to us, yet they did create a ‘Playing Field’ where these could thrive, flourish, and expand from generation to generation.

    11) And that’s where the idealist in me kicks in, we are so inundated with the news of corruption, wars, gossip, scandal, and malice…..that we forget to look up, look out the window, and perchance notice that all those things at the same time aren’t happening in this moment…. that Mrs. Smith(two doors down) in spite of the gunshots a couple blocks away…. gets to see her grandson take his first step on his own when her daughter has been gone for 5 years, trapped in the looming threat of war in a foreighn country…. or Roger… (a 10 year old) that in spite of cruel high-school seniors throwing rocks at him and calling him every profanity in the book…. continues to practice learning to ‘ollley/jump’ on a skateboard… and makes his first success right after he determined to not let the ‘fascist/h.s students’ get him down, and notice that with a little determination that fate,god,common-sense,karma, whatever has something to offer him as well…as long as he’s willing to pay the price to do so…to pursue his happieness till he gets it.

    12) So I suppose we could blame, and rightly so the fascist(coercive attempts of those like the h.s. students) or wrongly so (founding fathers trying to enforce/enable the best of natures Common-Sense principles). And that’s the first step I suppose to be aware of your ‘Anger'(something may very well be about to be taken from you)…… and it may be enough in step#2 to realize ‘there is a baby taking his first step(s), or a 10-year-old overcoming adversity through perseverence, or better yet constructive-confrontation with those at the source of your ‘pain’ and ‘suffering’.

    13) The third-step for me comes when I choose to realize it is I that is at the source of my ‘pain’ and ‘suffering’ …. and after you get to step-two…. drop a line… and maybe this next-step can be taken by both of us, together, along with the rest of the world…. till then…. till then..friend…