was the constitution really that great of a document?

how many amendments were needed to even guarantee rights to everyone (i know how many, im making a point)? many of the people that wrote it were slave owners that demanded freedom (how ironic). lets not also forget that voting was only allowed by landowners, most white americans werent even land owners. they set up the ‘electoral college’ so the people wouldnt pick the wrong candidate (thats why popular vote doesnt mean squat). im not knocking the freedoms we enjoy (thanks to the amendments) im knocking the almost saintly stigma that follows the parchment around.
im not even going to go into the fact that it very closely resembles the magna carta….which was earlier document securing certain freedoms for the WEALTHY.

let the mud flinging begin!
nacsez: i think equality was a side effect, i dont think envisioned it or indeed wanted it. except for the pennsylvanians.
i think its funny how just because you have a differing view…you must be ignorant! ha!

9 Responses to “was the constitution really that great of a document?”

  1. nacsez Says:

    the founders also knew that eventually, freedom for all people would be reached, even though it was not politically possible in their time. thats why they wrote it the way they did. "we hold these truths…. ALL PEOPLE…" etc.

    it wasnt perfect, sure. ill give you that. thats why they allowed for amendments.

    if we followed the constitution as it is written, we wouldnt have many of the problems we have today. see 10th amendment..

    i think its pretty great. but thats just me

  2. BrushPicks Says:

    It’s just a piece of paper.

    Get over it.

  3. rev1115 Says:

    yes, it was a great document. just not some of the people who made it.

  4. RedBad M Says:

    The Constitution is quite simply a BRILLIANT document. The founding fathers of this country were BRILLIANT men. Sadly, modern America (especially after 7 years of BushCo) is a VAST departure from the founding fathers had in mind.

    If you honestly don’t acknowledge the beauty and genius of the Constitution then you need to get your head out of the sand.

  5. anoldmick Says:

    Hello? The framers of the Constitution realized it was an imperfect document from the moment it was done, and left it open to amendment. The first ten amendments, of course, are the "Bill of Rights". And yes, it is still open to further amendment. You got a problem with that? Then propose an amendment!

  6. Thought Doctor Says:

    Perhaps, before drawing such narrow-minded conclusions, you should read the Federalist Papers. These documents define in some detail the rationale behind the Constitution. You seem to need a bit more education before making such sweeping denunciations about the most marvelous document of government ever conceived. good luck..enjoy and get back to us with your thoughts AFTER you gain more understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

  7. RitchWilliams Says:

    I think it should still require all voters to be either land owners or tax payers. Anyone who does not own land or pay taxes has no stake in the government. As a result, our government has learned that it can buy the votes of an increasing number of Americans by handing out the tax payer’s money. If you’re one of those tax payers, you’re not too happy about that. But unfortunately, almost half of those in America pay no income taxes and so are more than happy to get goodies from the government at the expense of their neighbor.

  8. Ĵěŋŋŷ☼ Says:

    What document would you pompous, high-minded, folks prefer we use? Perhaps you and your clever secular progressive chums could jot down another?

  9. Siren S Says:

    OMG! Let’s paint our faces black, rip our clothes, and sing negro spirituals! You are a piece of work, indeed. It’s real easy for you to sit there with your smug little smile on your smug little face knocking the people who founded this great country, because you didn’t have to do a damn thing for the privilege.

    Good thing about America, is that you can leave any damn time you want.