we own land jointly with a sibling. If Sib has not put into land in ANY way in 15+ years, Can we legaly get it

Land is owned jointly, last survivor gets it. One sibling has NOT paid any taxes, or put any money into land for some 15 plus years. Is their a legal law out there that gives us the right to take over as sole owners because we are the only ones who have invested any money in the land? Help!!!

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  1. chris99 Says:

    This happened with my grandmothers property after she died. My dad’s brother was paying the taxes for 10 years and he filed a claim with the county for ownership and got it, even though the property was willed to all three children. This was in New York state and it was some 15 years ago but I would imagine that every local government has the same type of law. Make sure you have proof of any expenses, whether it be a receipt, a cancelled check or a work order/bill with your name on it. Good luck.

  2. j c Says:

    need more info….can you prove through documentation that they did not contribute money? for example, was there only one check used to pay taxes? or, did each of you write a check for your share? if there were multiple checks written, then you can show who paid for what

  3. Santa Barbara Says:

    Nope, no law…. Joint tenancy is tough.

    You are probably out of luck.

  4. icekoldtech Says:

    unfortunatly, the rights still belong to the sibling no matter what has been done to the land, the only thing you can legally do is try to buy your sibling out .

  5. shasta559 Says:

    You need to contact a real estate attorney and make sure you do everything legal in your State. It’s always best to pay a professional for answers to questions like this.

  6. newmexicorealestateforms Says:

    Without consent of the parties that are shown on the deed and by the record to own the land, ownership can not be changed excepting for three different ways.
    1.) Mutual agreement of the parties in where one owner grants their interest in the property with the proper deed instrument to the other owner/s.
    2.) A sale or transfer of interest occurs in where all property owners shown of record agree.
    3.) One party takes the other party to court under their claim of adverse possession in an attempt to quiet the title against the other and gets a court order changing the title ownership.

    To determine if you would meet the requirements under adverse possession in your state you need to research this link;
    Adverse Possession rules all states: http://www.lawchek.com/resources/forms/que/easement.htm and http://www.lawchek.com/resources/forms/que/advposs.htm
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