Were you aware that June is Abortion Awareness Month?

Turn off images of modern day fanatics, white-racist-conservative-fundamentalists, Pro-Lifers who kill doctors, ugly and violent confrontations between fierce adversaries. Set aside for a moment the true observation that too many view abortion as all that matters and refuse to consider other life issues e.g., poverty and racism. Just for one moment, consider these shocking parallels between

Abortion and Slavery:

1.Fate of certain human beings is dictated by financial and personal interests of others.

2.Courts establish who is human/non-human and use categories of partial humanness (slaves were called 3/5 of a person for legal purposes, fetuses lack all human rights).

3.The right to life and liberty are not inalienable for the fetus just as for slaves. They are a different category than the “all men who are created equal” Fetuses, like slaves of old, are held to receive their fundamental rights of life and liberty not “from God” but only if other more powerful people say they have them.

4.More powerful persons are also more valued in society and their rights trump the less powerful.

5.Less powerful fetuses like the slaves lack all legal standing and cannot advocate for themselves.

6.Fundamentally both slavery and abortion are economic and convenience issues. Slavery was considered by many a “necessary evil” to protect economic, political and social realities. So is abortion.

7.Overturning the injustice depends on unrelenting, courageous efforts of people who are labeled as “fanatics” just like the abolitionists of old were called this.

And, While we are at it, the following slogans apply the abortion rationales to Slavery. Try these on for size and see how they feel:

1.“Let’s keep slavery safe, legal and rare.”
2.“I’m not pro-slavery, but I do think slave owners should have the right to choose how they run their plantation.”
3.“I am personally opposed to slavery, but I don’t want to impose my values on somebody else.”
4.“Slavery has been upheld by the US Supreme Court (Dred Scott), it is the settled Law of the Land.”
5.“We really can’t say the slave is a person.”
6.“Abolitionists are just trying to impose their extreme religious views on us.“

How do these slogans feel? How are they different than the current thinking?

5 Responses to “Were you aware that June is Abortion Awareness Month?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    YAY for abortions and my LEGAL right to choose what happens to MY body! 😀

  2. its a boy!!! Says:

    abortion are sick

  3. Neko_Mews Says:

    Awesome a whole month dedicated to abortion that’s so kick ass maybe abortions will become cheaper for a whole month 😀 but look at it this way the parasite you kill inside of you never experienced life to begin with so no harm no foul. Happy abortion awareness month!

  4. justlookin4friendsonly Says:

    Abortion is not always considered for financial reasons. If someone is raped or if the pregnant woman & fetus can both die then who is anyone to judge that person getting an abortion. And that’s NOT a good comparison – Slaves WERE human beings, fetuses are NOT human beings. Your whole argument is wrong & rambling. And in this country, the U.S.A., we have the right to an opinion, but NOT the right to impose your views on others, which you are doing with this lengthy, "so-called" question! I respect the rights of others to express their opinions. Rather than trying to impose our views on others we need to listen to others’ opiniins & respect their right to that opinion whether you agree with it or not.

  5. Judith D Says:

    This is not a question. This is a rant. Is it not about time to stop beating the dead horse? You need a new hobby. There is very little logic in compairing slaves to fetuses.A woman has a right to decide what to do with her body. End of story.