Were you aware that June is Abortion Awareness Month?

Turn off images of modern day fanatics, white-racist-conservative-fundamentalists, Pro-Lifers who kill doctors, ugly and violent confrontations between fierce adversaries. Set aside for a moment the true observation that too many view abortion as all that matters and refuse to consider other life issues e.g., poverty and racism. Just for one moment, consider these shocking parallels between Abortion and Slavery:

1.Fate of certain human beings is dictated by financial and personal interests of others.

2.Courts establish who is human/non-human and use categories of partial humanness (slaves were called 3/5 of a person for legal purposes, fetuses lack all human rights).

3.The right to life and liberty are not inalienable for the fetus just as for slaves. They are a different category than the “all men who are created equal” Fetuses, like slaves of old, are held to receive their fundamental rights of life and liberty not “from God” but only if other more powerful people say they have them.

4.More powerful persons are also more valued in society and their rights trump the less powerful.

5.Less powerful fetuses like the slaves lack all legal standing and cannot advocate for themselves.

6.Fundamentally both slavery and abortion are economic and convenience issues. Slavery was considered by many a “necessary evil” to protect economic, political and social realities. So is abortion.

7.Overturning the injustice depends on unrelenting, courageous efforts of people who are labeled as “fanatics” just like the abolitionists of old were called this.
And, While we are at it, the following slogans apply the abortion rationales to Slavery.

Try these on for size and see how they feel:

1.“Let’s keep slavery safe, legal and rare.”
2.“I’m not pro-slavery, but I do think slave owners should have the right to choose how they run their plantation.”
3.“I am personally opposed to slavery, but I don’t want to impose my values on somebody else.”
4.“Slavery has been upheld by the US Supreme Court (Dred Scott), it is the settled Law of the Land.”
5.“We really can’t say the slave is a person.”
6.“Abolitionists are just trying to impose their extreme religious views on us.“

How do these slogans feel? How are they different than the current thinking?
J: I’m not surprised that you didn’t get past #1 because many who espouse a pro-"choice" stance would rather not think altogether.

One-liners are much easier to remember.

11 Responses to “Were you aware that June is Abortion Awareness Month?”

  1. Capt Cold Says:

    Not a bad arguement at all. I’m impressed.

  2. The Ingenious Hidalgo DonQuixote Says:

    so are you telling me to tune up the old vacuum or what?

  3. Booger Head Says:

    I’m a poached egg harumph harumph…

    I’m a poached EGG!!! harumph harumph…..?

  4. Acetone Huffer Says:

    Feel this.

  5. Yummy Says:

    The courts in Roe v Wade concluded that the status of a fetus’ life cannot be determined legally.

    If we change our laws to say that a fetus has the same life and rights as a born person, that could lead to a woman being charged with murder for having a miscarriage. This is why a fetus will never LEGALLY be considered a life and, therefore, abortion will stay legal.

    Keep in mind I said that a fetus is not legally a life. Morally, you may think it is. This is what is so great about choice. No one is forced to do anything they feel is wrong.

  6. brown9500v13 Says:

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  7. J Says:

    I stopped reading at: "1. Fate of certain human beings…".

    See, that’s where we differ. To you, a fetus is a "human being". To me, it is a clump of cells that is legally, and otherwise, the sole property of the mother. Let’s agree to disagree.

  8. Your mom Says:

    Sorry, slaves were not connected to the body of another person. A woman does not suddenly lose her rights to her own bodily autonomy just because she becomes pregnant. Slavery is not comparable to abortion. A fetus does not even know it’s alive. It feels no emotional pain, it has no family to support or kids to orphan, it has a 20% chance of being naturally miscarried anyway.

    Unless you seriously claim that you would feel morally compelled to save a fertilized egg in a petri dish from a burning building because it’s a "human being."

    Furthermore, scientifically, an embryo or fetus is simply not "equivalent" in every way to a person like me and you. "An embryo is not a person," http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2010/04/sunday_sacrilege_an_embryo_is.php

    If the right wing was reasonable in their demands, and would take care to make abortion exceptions for women who were raped or ill, maybe some pro-choicers would take them more seriously. As it is, the "pro-life" camps, or at least the churches, obviously think women’s lives become worthless once they’re pregnant, to the point of ridiculousness. Such as a nun who was recently punished for allowing a woman to have an abortion who was seriously ill and would no doubt have died, thus killing both herself AND her unborn child: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37171656/ns/health-health_care . If that isn’t the pinnacle of stupidity, letting a woman die for no reason other than that she’s carrying around a mass of cells, I just don’t know what is.

  9. Soundra Says:

    Too many women are abusing the ability to have an abortion. The father has no rights.

  10. BabySpittle.com Says:

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  11. seajay Says:

    Yes I am very much aware. I can not see how someone can be Christian and believe abortion is ok. In little over 28 days after conception a tiny developing heart is already beating in the pre born child in the womb. The child in the womb is therefore not a bunch of cells. The medical term "fetus" came into fashion so women do not have to use the term baby. The "product of conception" is another popular term. These are words of convenience. The child in the womb is not potentially a human being, she is rather a human being with potential.