What´s this about the new Expropriation Act? No more private property?

Rapport newspaper writes that from July 2008, all SA private property can be expropriated ( verb (of the state) take (property) from its owner for public use or benefit ) by ANC-regime after July 2008, when the new Expropriations Act goes into effect.

Any private property – not only land used for agriculture — can be appropriated by the South African state ‘s ministry of public works. Effectively, this marks the end of capitalist-style private property rights in South Africa . And all private-property owners will just have to accept any price offered to them by the government under this new law unless they are willing to engage in expensive law-suits to get the market-related price for their properties.

Effectively, this new law thus effectively ends all private-ownership rights in South Africa . It includes ALL properties countrywide: if the ministry of internal affairs wants land for housing ‘previously disadvantaged residents, they can and undoubtedly will expropriate land
owned by churches, banks, individual home-owners or commercial businesses.

Already the country has no agricultural land left in the legal sense since all agricultural land now falls under the jurisdiction of municipal boundaries countrywide. In 1994 when SA still exported agricultural products on a massive scale, it had 85,000 farmers using less than 7% of the total land surface. At the moment, less than 10,000 commercial farmers remain, raising crops on less than 0.75% of the total land surface. The country is now facing serious food
shortages for the first time in its entire recorded agricultural history since the mid-1600’s.

Afrikaans newspaper report about new Expropriations Act:
Source URL: http://www.news24.com/Rapport/Nuus/0,,752-795_2296578,00.html

Does this mean that no will want to come and live in SA because they do not want to buy property that may be "confiscated" by the state? How many ex-pats will want to return under such conditions? And business investment?

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  1. turniton6 Says:

    This could be one of the scariest policies enacted by the ANC, and certainly the most telling.
    The scope for abuse is boundless, nobody is safe and certainly anybody can be targeted, if you get my meaning…

    Here is another link providing some more clarity:
    This has actually been in the pipe line for a while:

    Now, is it technically correct to call South Africa a democracy?

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    this should be the first link:

  2. Darth Vader Says:

    The Chinese Masters have spoken and the Africans are jumping.

  3. Zim..$ Says:

    The intention is to fastrack the land restitution process……not any other property. If the Act doesn’t define "property"…..then public participation process will sort that one out. I agree that property rights must be protected and short term solutions should not be used in this regard. It’s good that Rapport has raised that question…..it will definitely be crucial during public participation process….

  4. Bull's No 9 Says:

    No, it means no more private property if your skin is a lighter shade of pale.
    More blatant theft or rather the intention to commit theft by Africans.

  5. Alf Garnett Says:

    By mistake I found this link – it doesnt make for good reading:

  6. Dicko Says:

    Welcome to Zimbabwe.

  7. Bob Mugabe Says:

    I can see the ANC are learning from my mistakes. One of the biggest problems we have had in Zimbabwe was all these whiteys claiming they had some rights over the land they were squatting on, and even going so far as to claim that in the courts. It was a terrible waste of time and money. If we had had the foresight of the ANC gentlemen, we would have thought of this and simply made land unpossessable except by the state. It is very clever, using the law to undermine the whiteys. This way, if a whitey objects, he cannot go to court, because the land is not his in any case. I wish I had thought of this.