What are my rights? Landlord says neighbor's 10yr can't come to our house & play ….?

My son is friends with & on the same baseball team as a neighbor’s child. Our Landlord came over today & said that the boy down the road wasn’t allowed to come over anymore because his dogs are vicious & dangerous. I have told them several times that his dogs are just big & totally harmless. She got kinda crappy with me & said I needed to talk to her husband about it then. I just don’t think they can tell me who my son can play with or dictate who our company is at all. We live just outside city limits so there is no leash law in this area. The Owner has said that the neighbors dogs have charged at the maintenence man & they are in conflict with the neighbors up the road. We are fairly new to the neighborhood & get along with the neighbors, the maintenance man & the landlord but this is getting to be to much. The maintenance man actually lives closer to the neighbor than I do and if the dogs come to my house with the boy they are farther away from him than at their own house. I just want to know if I can tell my land lord that they are not gonna bring me not their mess. Or if I can say you cant tell me who I can have for company with my son. The neighbor’s son is a good kid, he’s homeschooled, on the little leauge baseball team, his adult brother coaches one of the teams & his dad coaches another & his mom is a painter/artist. They also own a family business: screen printing. They are not thugs or country trash, they seem to be really good people. What should I do tell my son that he can’t play with his freind & teammate anymore because the landlord said so? That can’t be legal. Someone help, please?
I am renting a house in a rural (outside of town) area. There is not a leash law in this part of the county. As far as my misunderstanding the landlord: both of HER children ages 4 & 11 were petting my 150 lb labrador/shepard mix while we spoke about my neighbors son & his two dogs. My dog has never even seen a leash & SHE (the landlord) loves my dog who outweighs the neighbor’s dogs easily by 30 lbs each.
I told her that it was really strange that they are worried about the dogs because we have never had any trouble with them & her responce was that they had "barked ferociously at George" (the maintnance man).

I believe I do have to listen to a owner about the details of wear & tear on their property but where do you live that a person has to OBEY someone you pay?
I am really interested on the legality of their decision about who my company can be. Could someone please give some advice.
My landlords words were " I guess we’re going to have to tell you that Alex can’t come over here anymore because…" so there is NO misunderstanding. I want to know if this is legal.

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  1. lynxx Says:

    Don’t blow this up into something major. It is easily resolved.

    Of course that nice boy may come to visit with your son. Just tell him to leave his dogs at home because they frighten people. Also, you might want to have a friendly chat with the parents–explain that you really like their son, but the dogs are causing a problem.

    You are missing the landlord’s point, He’s not really concerned about the neighbor boy, he’s worried about the dog situation. The landlord might be liable for big damages if those dogs happen to injure anyone on his property.

  2. Yaya Says:

    Your landlord has delusions of grandeur.

    He can’t decide which visitors you have as long as they haven’t done any damage to his property.

    Can’t possibly be legal.

  3. Brent L Says:

    If those dogs really are dangerous, there are proper channels for your landlord to go through. Without some sort of restraining order, your landlord can’t prohibit people from visiting you.

  4. Jelly Bean Says:

    Instead of making a big issue about the dogs, just talk to the boy’s parents and explain that the dogs need to stay home so he can come and play. Legally the landlord cannot prevent you from having company, but if the landlords think the dogs are dangerous, then just have the little boy to leave them at home.

  5. tada Says:

    Your question is confusing. Do the dogs come over with the boy or are the dogs already at your house? If the boy is bringing dogs over with him then your landlord can prohibit pets from being inside the home.

  6. LittleMissFreckles;) Says:

    He can’t do anything about who you have over as long as they aint damaging his property.

  7. winds_of_justice Says:

    Sadly enough, your landlord owns the land and when they say that you can’t have somebody on the property, that means you have to actually listen.

    It seems like the biggest problem they have is with the dogs however, and not the kid himself. Why don’t you talk to your landlord (the husband) about it and see if you can’t compromise? Your son can still keep playing with the neighbor who comes over, as long as the friend realizes and knows that he can’t bring his dogs along with him when he comes. This should eliminate the problem.

    If the landlord finds this acceptable, take your son and his friend off to the side and explain the situation to them. Kids are more smart and understanding then adults like to give them credit for, I’m sure they’ll understand. If the friend insists he must have his dogs along, you’ll have to explain that your son will have to just play over at his friends house instead.

  8. just wondering Says:

    Are we talking about a house or an apartment? With an apartment I wouldn’t think they could tell you what kind of dogs can be outside of it especially if you don’t own them since you’re not renting the outside of the building. If it’s a house then you’re renting the land too and I guess they can probably tell you what animals you can have on their property. Why don’t you ask them to keep the dogs at their house?

  9. Bethany Says:

    Don’t have the dogs over.

    The landlord MAY have the right to exclude the dogs… anything more is petty and infantile. He cannot say that the CHILD isn’t allowed….