What are prices of a barrel of oil then and now before the start of the iraq war?

Could someone tell me the price of a oil barrel before the start of the war with the source you got it from and then the price of a barrel of oil now with the source you used.

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  1. Caretaker Says:

    Rather than just give figures, this website tracks oil prices over several decades. http://www.wtrg.com/prices.htm

    You will note this is the first time in History the price of oil has increased during a war. In fact the first oil crisis was ‘After’ we got out of Vietnam and no longer had that drain on supplies.

    This site gives prices from 1947 to date.

  2. protoham Says:

    Considering the Iraq war has been going on for about 6 years, the price should have jumped by about 50% to 60% to adjust for inflation. Just from memory I think it has gone from around $90 to $130 a barrel. or about 44%. So what is your point. I doubt the war has had much effect.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Around 9-11, oil prices lingered around $30 a barrel(adjusted for inflation), at the time of the invasion oil was hanging around $45/barrel.

    You can find some helpful graphs and charts here:

    Oil, as of very recently was around $130/barrel. You can find spot price info here:

  4. Sergio Storms Says:

    Protoham is full of pig stuffing.
    It was under $30 per bbl and inflation has been nowhere as high as he says.
    Production of Iraqi oil is down drastically since we attacked and this adds to the price of oil.
    Also, Bush’s policy of cutting taxes for the rich while borrowing money to make up for budget shortfalls has caused the dollar to lose value. This forces the price of oil higher because most countries must sell oil in US dollars and the producers simply demand more of the watered down greenbacks.
    We are dangerously close to a point when oil will be valued in Euro dollars. We will then have to convert our money to Euros and one Euro not costs about $1.65 This will add another 65% to our cost and as the dollar becomes more worthless the price goes higher. We will then be a third world country.
    Thank You Mr. Bush

  5. ~Freya~ Says:

    All I can tell you is oil has risen by approx. $100 US a barrel in the last 6 years.
    $100 is a lot extra per barrel.

  6. gcococ1 Says:

    $20.00 a barrel before bush took office.