What are the advantages and disadvantages of crude oil?

i cant seem to find the answer to this question anywhere
it would be extrememly helpful if anyone could give me a few ads. and disads. of crude oi.
thanks :)

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  1. oil field trash Says:

    Advantage: It is one of the cheapest sources of energy in the world.

    Disadvantage: There isn’t enough of it available and it is non renewable.

  2. fido e Says:

    cuz it’s a silly question.
    look up what is made from crude earl and you’ll see mo’

  3. neoga illinois Says:

    one advantage of using oil instead of other materials for energy is that oil is cheaper. a disadvantage of using oil is oil’s impact on air quality when its burned. air pollution.

  4. M D Says:

    Crude oil is able to be cracked into many useful products. The biggest advantage is the amount of energy it contains per volume. The following page has a calculator (use the energy tab) that allows you to compare the energy content of oil with other energy sources: http://www.a2dvoices.com/realitycheck/energy/

  5. hesam a Says:

    About 100 years ago, one of the best political man in my country said "Having the oil for our country(Iran) is the best and the worse for us!"
    But your question is a general question. What do you mean according to energy, environment, oil products or politics…?