What are the conditions for getting a vacation refund from British Petroleum?

My family was planning a vacation to Destin, Florida starting on the 25 of June and lasting for a week. How can we get a refund from the company- if we can yet. We have insurance on the house that we already paid for (in January or February), but it only applies if someone gets very injured or sick and has a doctors note. Please help if you can.
Sorry, Truthseeker818, but the injury has to be before we leave Illinois.

2 Responses to “What are the conditions for getting a vacation refund from British Petroleum?”

  1. TruthSeeker818 Says:

    Go play in the oil then smoke a cigarette….your insurance covers injuries you said.

  2. Chetco Says:

    You can file a claim online, or via the phone number (both on this page):
    The toll-free number for the claims line is 1-800-440-0858. The line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    * Personnel at the Claims Line will provide each caller with information on how to submit a claim.
    * Each claim will be assigned to an adjuster and the claim will promptly be investigated and evaluated.
    * Larger and more complex claims may require additional investigation and documentation prior to evaluation and resolution.
    * BP should pay resolved claims promptly.