What are the disadvantages of using petroleum as an energy source?

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  1. frflyer Says:

    Here is what oil really costs.

    From a 1996 article by Jenny B. Wahl

    "Based on the studies reviewed, our best-guess estimate of the subsidies received by petroleum each year is $84 billion per year."

    "US Defense
    Department spending allocated to safeguard the
    worlds petroleum resources total some $55 to $96.3 billion per year
    "Other program subsidies include funding of research and development ($200 to $220 million), export financing subsidies
    ($308.5 to $311.9 million), support from the Army
    Corps of Engineers ($253.2 to $270 million), the
    Department of Interior’s Oil Resources Management Programs ($97 to $227 million), and government expenditures on regulatory oversight, pollution cleanup, and liability costs ($1.1 to $1.6 billion."

    "Approximately $39 billion per year in health care costs is the lowest minimum estimate reckoned by researchers in the field of transportation cost analysis, although the actual total is surely much higher and may exceed $600 billion."

    "The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a federal government entity designed to supplement
    regular oil supplies in the event of disruptions due to military conflict or natural disaster, costs taxpayers an additional $5.7 billion per year.

    Other costs associated with localized air pollution
    attributable to gasoline-powered automobiles include decreased agricultural yields ($2.1 to $4.2 billion), and damage to buildings and materials ($1.2 to $9.6 billion). Global warming ($3 to $27.5 billion), water pollution ($8.4 to $36.8 billion), noise pollution ($6 to $12 billion)"

    And that was a 1996 study. Since then the Iraq war has cost over a trillon$$, cost the lives of 4,000 U.S. soldiers, maybe 200,000 Iraqi’s, damaged our image in the world and probably has created more terrorists.
    Yeah, I know, 9/11 happened, partially based on religous fanatacism, but surely you’re not naive enough to believe it isn’t about oil. If we weren’t in the mideast to protect our oil interests it never would have happened.

    Don’t ya just love oil?
    I understand that it has facilitated our industrialization and made our modern world possible, but at a huge price to our earth’s health.

    We have far better alternatives. we don’t need it anymore for energy.

  2. campbelp2002 Says:

    It is in limited supply and will run out some day. And it causes air pollution to burn it as a fuel to produce usable energy.

  3. cheruvima Says:

    It’s not renewable. When it’s gone, it’s gone and then we as a species are up that famous creek…

  4. juano Says:

    The obvious answer is that it contributes to carbon dioxide and therefore increases and global warming.

    Also important: Don’t overlook the fact that that petroleum has been in limited supply for its’ history as a commodity. WWII was fought primarily to get the oil. On all sides. In the case of Japan, also scrap metal. Petroleum is behind most of the strife in the world today. The world would have a much greater chance at peace if economies relied on locally obtained renewable resources. Powerful petroleum corporations goad governments into insane policies. Those corporations are powerful because they are rich. They are rich because people are happy to pay high prices for a sub-optimal technology.

  5. jim m Says:

    There are no disadvantages to using oil for fuel and in fact its the best energy source and most natural too. The energy problem is an engineering detail. Good engineering can fix any negative relating to the use of oil and that includes supply. Oil can be supplied at low cost forever by applying good engineering. At this time nothing good is being done and nothing good is being proposed by the powers at be. But, its just a matter of time and at some time in the future oil will be used well.

  6. water_skipper Says:

    It caused us to go to war in Iraq. By the way, if you think the US is screwed when Earth runs out of oil, what until you see what the Middle East looks like when they have no oil.