What are the good effects of Oil Price Hike?

Please answer this question briefly.

10 Responses to “What are the good effects of Oil Price Hike?”

  1. Dinkar A Says:

    It is definately good for CLIMATE! :)

    and It is great for oil exporting countries’ economy and development

  2. Paul S Says:

    less affordability to declare war

  3. zestyisback Says:

    More bicycle and public transportation use due to insane gas prices. It costs too much, we’re looking for alternative ways.

  4. SSSS Says:

    usage may go down and people & govt will think and develop alternate fuel

  5. aaiillbbhhee Says:

    fewer co2 emmisions, I suppose coz people won’t drive as much.

  6. roberta d Says:

    If you own stock in the oil companies.

  7. ang l Says:

    one good effect i found was that some manufacturing has come back to the US. that is what we need. we have become more of a service economy which is not good for our country.

  8. Sunshine Says:

    None for me.

  9. invent Says:

    + It’s a matter of perspective: an oil price hike is excellent for oil producing countries and oil companies – it increases their profits.

    + It will force the rest of us to focus on how we spend what used to be a plentiful and dirt cheap non-renewable resource and consider alternative cleaner and possibly more efficient energy sources, reducing our dependency on petroleum.

  10. mlw12342001 Says:

    conservation and saving the enviorment, obese people are starting to walk and loose weight, and best of all inventors are starting to get back to the drawing board and come up with alternative modes of transportation.