What are the legal actions we should do for this case?

Good Day!. I just need a legal advice about this issue. My parents rented a piece of land since they got married. We rented a lot up to now because the owner doesn’t want to sell the land. my family waited until they will sell it and we will buy it. My family saved money, if ever they will sell the lot, we have money to use in buying th lot.. We lived and rented the lot for about more or less 28 years. That small community own by one person because it was a inheritance from his great parent. When his wife died, We didn’t know that he sell the land to our neighbor and our neighbor bought the lot where we lived. The owner did not give us any notice or we don’t have any consent about it. Our neighbor told my family to move out from that lot because they are the owner. My family do not want to give up the lot and it would be acceptable if they informed us beforehand. My parents are willing and can afford to buy the lot. Our neighbor file a case against my mother who is a principal in a public school and not to my father who run a small business. Why they want to file a case to my mother and not to my father? Our neighbor said that they would fight it because that lot is theirs already. My questions are:

1. Who has the right to buy the land or who has given the priority to buy it? My family who rented the lot for 28 years or our neighbor?

2. What are the possible actions we should do for this case?

3. Is our neighbor has the right to transfer us to other location without proper notification?

4. Who will provide us the relocation and pay all the damages? The real owner or our neighbor who bought the land?

5. What should we do if they force us to move out?

6. What are the legal way to solve this case? It is unfair and we want to do it in legal base and action.

Please give me some advice or any laws about this case. Thank you all for givng your advice ont his matter. I was depressed already because I can’t do any action to help my parents. Thank you,.
I mean damage here, the house that was built by my parents.

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  1. odzookers Says:

    1. Your family may have one right: the right to a 30- or 60-day notice to move, and that’s it. Renting for 10,000 years means nothing unless your rental contract states that after a certain period of time you have the option to buy. Renting without that option was a poor gamble from the start. You put your faith in an owner who said nothing for 28 years.

    2/ Action? Move. That’s it.

    3. You CAN go to court in order to secure proper time to move–usually 30 days. It depends on your local laws. If you have an option to buy in your lease, you can contest on that basis. If not, tough.

    4. If you c=lack an option to buy, YOU pay all relocation expenses. Damages? What damages? You took a chance and lost. I hope you didn’t build a house on a rented lot. Ouch. If you did, you MUST see an attorney to review your lease. Is there a house belonging to the original owner?

    5. What you can do depends on the answers to 1-4.

    6. Fairness, alas, has nothing to do with it. Written agreements and evidence are everything. If you don’t believe me, ask a lawyer. I do not know anything about possible evidence, nor does anyone else on this site, and only an atorney would know your local and state laws.

  2. Love Canada Says:

    If you rented, it gave you no rights to buy
    Do you have a lease to rent the property?
    He doesn’t have a right or an obligation to move you anywhere
    If force to move out, buy your own land
    Your parents are smart enough to work it out

  3. ? Says:


  4. sadie_oyes Says:

    Sorry, unless your parents had a land contract, they have no legal right to the land no matter how many years they rented it, the land owner can sell the property to whoever he chooses and the new owner has the legal right to evict your family from his premises without severance.