What are the medical uses of crude oil?

I need help with my research for a GCSE project about crude oil. Thank you.
what are the medical uses of petrochemicals?

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  1. carbonates Says:

    Large numbers of pharmaceuticals use petroleum as the raw material to synthesize the organic molecules in the drug.

    For example
    Aspirin, acetaminophen

  2. jpturboprop Says:

    crude oil can have a beneficial effect when applied to skin involved with psoriasis or seborrhea.

  3. tlbs101 Says:

    Unprecessed crude is not used for any medical purpose because it contains too many toxic elements (benzene, for example).

    Petrolatum, or Petroleum jelly (e.g. Vaseline), is used for many medical products. Petrolatum comes straight from the well.

    What the other poster is referring to is tar, which is refined from crude oil but it doesn’t take much refining as tar comes out at the bottom of the refining stack. In other words, if you take crude oil and apply a small amount of heat, the vast majority of the lighter products will distill out (including the toxic stuff), leaving the tar.