What are the social benefits of crude oil?

What are the social, environmental & economic pros and cons of crude oil and how are they linked to this question: ‘Are we making the best use of crude oil?’

One Response to “What are the social benefits of crude oil?”

  1. Richy Says:

    This is a huge question.

    Right now, we obviously need crude oil for many things. Without it our world would basically stop dead in its tracks. We need it to get around, make our food. It is a major export for some countries (such as where I am from. Canada)

    Basically any plastic product you own, and every fuel you burn, comes from oil.

    However there are many environmental issues associated with the extraction and burning of this oil. Countries that have to import the oil are spending a lot of money, and we are using more and more, so the demand is going up faster that the supply can keep up. This causes a lot of social and economic problems for many people.

    Another major social issue is that we are building our entire society around oil. Oil will not be here forever. When something that runs on oil runs out of it, it will not run anymore. That is a really scary thought.

    My answer to the question is "are we making the best use of crude oil?" Is no. I believe we have to make major changes to how we are using this resource. I think society as a whole must become less dependent on fossil fuels. That being said, I think from an economic standpoint, we will have to increase production for awhile longer. At the same time, we should be working on alternative energy sources (nuclear).