What are the top undergraduate colleges for petroleum engineering?

I want to know the top 10-15 UNDERGRADUATE colleges for petroleum engineering. is this a smart major? would it pay off in the future?

Thanks for everything!!!! :)
Also, what is a good country to study abroad in for petroleum engineering?

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  1. double D Says:

    1 University of Texas–Austin (Cockrell), Austin, TX 4.6

    2 Stanford University, Stanford, CA 4.2

    2 Texas A&M University–College Station (Look), College Station, TX 4.2

    4 University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 4.0

    5 Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 3.4

    5 Pennsylvania State University–University Park, University Park, PA 3.4

    5 University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 3.4

    8 Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA 3.3

    9 University of Southern California (Viterbi), Los Angeles, CA 3.1

    10 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM 2.8

    10 Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 2.8

  2. John Says:

    As you stated "undergraduate" Petroleum Engineering (PE) schools, here are the top ones here in the USA accordingly to US News. The list provided by someone else in their response is for "graduate" programs in PE:

    U.S. News Rank University

    1 Texas A&M University–College Station
    2 University of Texas–Austin
    3 Stanford University (CA)
    4 Colorado School of Mines
    4 University of Oklahoma
    6 Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge
    7 University of Tulsa (OK)
    8 Texas Tech University
    9 Penn State University–University Park
    10 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

    As far as international PE universities Heriot Watt in Edinburgh, UK has a very good reputation as does the University of Alberta, Canada. Some others to consider would be King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia and University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. However, in my opionion none of the international PE schools can compare with the top 10 within the USA.

    As far as Petroleum Engineering as a career choice I think that would be an excellent choice for anyone who is good at both math and science, has an interest in the oil & gas industry, and likes challenges in solving the world’s energy requirements. Don’t be a PE major just because of the highest starting salaries of any US university major. Instead select that major only if you can see yourself doing that type of work for the rest of your working life. Better to do something you enjoy and can then perform well than getting paid well in a job you hate. Also, ignore those who would say that the world is running out of oil and that Petroleum Engineering is a dead end type of job. I heard that same thing in 1973 when I was about to graduate from high school and look how wrong they were then. The demand for PE’s is already high and thus the high starting salaries. In the next 5 – 10 years many of us will retire leaving a hugh PE gap in the industry. Also, as fewer and fewer people choose PE as a major and a career, that gap will only worsen.

  3. Asmit Patel Says:

    In Asia, one of the best university for petroleum engineering is University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies for petroleum engineering. This is the first core sector university in Asia. You may check out its website: http://www.upes.ac.in