What are your thoughts on buy a used honda civic gx – Natural Gas Vehicle?

I am thinking about getting a Natural gas vehicle and the Honda Civic GX seems to make the most sense. I would enjoy the lower gas prices and access to Carpool Lanes. There isnt a whole lot of reviews or information on these vehicles. What are your thoughts, experiences, etc.?

One Response to “What are your thoughts on buy a used honda civic gx – Natural Gas Vehicle?”

  1. Barrie Presseisen Says:

    Wow!!What a great car.I live on the east coast(Massachusetts),and being a Honda master tech,went to the training center to get certified on them.You could not work on them if you weren’t. I then discovered that Honda did not sell them,only leased them(they would get them all back,and mostly to companies as fleet vehicles,and some lucky customers).This was only available in California.What i did learn is that the engine did not wear out like regular ones that ran on gasoline,as there were no hydrocarbons produced to contaminate the oil,leading to an engine which didn’t wear out,and less oil changes.If i could buy one,and i’ve looked for 7 years,i would.The motors last forever.Good luck in finding one for sale(unless you live on the west coast). Sincerely,..Barrie