What can be done if a property line goes right through my house?

I am thinking about buying an older house, but I have discovered that someone has a 40ft x 5 ft. section of land that runs through about 3 feet of my house (even inside the house). What can be done to aquire this land should the owner refuse to sell? No joke, the gis map shows this line right through the bedroom , etc.

3 Responses to “What can be done if a property line goes right through my house?”

  1. roy_glen2003 Says:

    If it was my home, I would probably have to get out the old chain saw, but you need to visit your County Tax Assessor and see who is paying the taxes on that portion of the property and if it is paid up to date. Your Register of Deeds office can also be a lot of help to you. There might be a later deed on that property and between the two offices, they should be able to help you. Good luck.

  2. topgunpilot22 Says:

    I’d go to the town/city zoning office and building inspector to work it out most likely someone wasn’t paying attention when they did the property lines and they may just have to re zone the area or the house isn’t legally built in which case the owner would be stuck having the house moved fully onto the actual property which I know happened in our town an entire house had to be moved because the deck was built over the property line. In any case check with the town or city hall and maybe its just a mistake on the map or if its possible your not reading the map correctly

  3. Chris P Says:

    Depending of the state, if the owner haven’t claim the land over a period of time (approx. 10 yrs.) whoever used the land during that time becomes the owner. However, if this isn’t the case the owner of the land can demand the land. Make sure this issue is worked out prior to purchasing the property. Consulting a real estate attorney would be best!!!