what can i expect as a petroleum supply specialist in the army?

i know most about it in general, i just joined the army and i leave to basic soon, what exciting things do i come across in this job?

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  1. VixMix Says:

    Commonly known as "Pet Ops". It has been mentioned here that it is not a wholly glamorous job. Your responsibility is getting fuel to people. Often fairly responsible as you are on your own in many cases, with the care of your fuel pod or tanker.

    The major upside – and believe me this is a biggie – you will have to be trained to a great level and all the training is civilian certificated. You will have to be an HGV driver so the army will pay for your driver training – this is worth many thousands of pounds and will guarantee you at least an agency driving job when you leave the army. The other training need is HAZMAT – as already mentioned above. You have to have a ADC licence – supplied by DVLA – in order to move fuel around. This is VERY expensive to get in civvy street.

    Now bear in mind that the tanker drivers in UK were on strike for more money – and won. Their take home pay – before overtime and bonuses – will be in the region of £36,000.

    You will get travel around the world, a secure job, good training, reasonable pay and good prospects in the army. More personally, an excellent social life, meet lots and lots of new people.

  2. Joachin Murrieta Says:

    You can pump fuel for your entire career in the army….good training for civilian life….NOT

  3. dude. Says:

    Petroleum Supply Specialist,,,,,,,,sounds like a military term for pumping gas.

  4. aimwalk Says:

    Actually, you will be dealing with a lot of transporting/accountability of refuel and other petroleum substances. As unglamorous as this sounds, you need to keep in mind that you will receive a TON of training in HAZMAT (hazardous materials) and this translates into BIG bucks in the civilian world. Do any random job search for hazmat qualified individuals and you will see. Good luck!

  5. R Geezy Says:

    JP-8 and diesel fuel and lots of it have fun fueling my truck and make sure you wash the windows

  6. GOPerfect Says:

    I am a mechanic in a refueling Army Reserve unit, if you can, change your MOS before shipping out, there is nothing about the job that is rewarding.

  7. Dylan S Says:

    They must have offered you a nice bonus. I’ve seen so many people like you get suckered into a sh*tty job for a bonus….sucker. You will probably be driving an oil tanker through out Baghdad hoping not to get blown up. Do me a favor, and try your best to get out of this MOS. There’s nothing good about it…the bonus is not worth it.

    No real worldd experience. No fun sitting in a fuel truck convoy. No fun pumping gas. Paper work is no fun. The last MOS i’d want to be deployed under.