What can we do as a society about our ridiculous natural gas prices????

2 Responses to “What can we do as a society about our ridiculous natural gas prices????”

  1. Benji Man Says:

    Move away from natural gas as a source of power (many eletric plants are being converted to natural gas as it burns cleaner than coal and was very cheap until recently). Use geothermic energy to heat many of our buildings, stop building one story buildings (Schools, Wal-Marts etc)(By building upwards, the heat loss is less than building outwards as there is less contact with the outside as well as heat rises heating the upper floors), support alternative energy sources (Xcel Energy has a program where you pay for the cost of producing wind energy versus their other sources making wind more desirable), find ways to limit southern growth (air conditioning is the main reason for the boom in the south and southwest, by keeping people in the north, natural gas will not be diverted from heating to energy production in southern states), turn your thermostat down at your work, home, school, etc(During the 70’s energy crisis these places were commonly set at 65, now 68-72, the extra heat needed to stay at that temperature would decrease the demand for natural gas thus decreasing the prices as well), buy a hybrid/electric car or better yet take mass transit, and last but not least, halt the suburbanization of America (the number of single family homes in the US has grown tremendously, if people sacrificed space(land and House) energy costs could be reduced by living in an apartment or a duplex as again the heat loss of multiunits is less than single as less interaction with outside air(homes have grown from an average of 1,500 sq feet to over 2,500 in the last 20 years, that is 2/3 of the old house that has to be heated on top of what as already there.))

  2. mr_jaymz19 Says:

    Start drilling where there’s oil and not listen to the whiny liberals cry about the caribou!