What can you do with petroleum jelly?

I also bought this little tub of petroleum jelly since I hear it works well for moisturizing lips!

But what other uses are there for petroleum jelly?
How’s and Why’s would be nice. (:

2 Responses to “What can you do with petroleum jelly?”

  1. ExeneC Says:

    It’s great for making your feet really soft. Soak your feet, scrub off dead skin with a pumice stone, dry, apply a thick layer of Vaseline to your feet, especially the bottoms, and then put a pair of clean socks on. In the morning all that hard cracked dry skin will be gone. It also works on elbows and other areas with really dry skin.

  2. Rizzo Says:

    Not only can you use it to moisturize the body but when you dye your hair you can use some on your hairline so you don’t get dye on the skin. You can also use it on eyelashes if they are weak. P.J makes eyelashes stronger, and just a little longer. :) If you have really cracked hands you can lather some on before bed and put on some gloves. It works great. You can do so much. Just look it up.