What caused the price of oil to fall?

and who are the people who have lost it? and what are they going to do about the situation to stabalise the price?

5 Responses to “What caused the price of oil to fall?”

  1. Yahoo+u=crap Says:

    The global elite are dropping the price to bankrupt the middle east. They are manipulating the production. If you don’t believe me than look at dubai. It is becoming a ghost town. It is just a part of the puzzle that is global government.

  2. Hugh Manatee Says:

    I just answered this question.

  3. mushtaq_ahmad43 Says:

    The price of oil fell due to more supply than demand. The demand of the oil fell down, due to adoption of alternative methods or due to termina tion of some of the services, and the supply remaining the same, the price of the commodity fell down. The affected parties are oil producing countries who were making too much profit out of the supply.

  4. kiwi_fruit333 Says:

    were running out. were overmining our earth. so supply in demand=prices can go up. and coz oil goes up, everythin is going up. thats why were in this reccession thingy. governments of the world are finding excuses to giv pplz muny, so they hav muny 2 spend

  5. Drew H Says:

    Oil fell for the same reason as everything else, the failure of the banks. Since the banking system is imploding, no one can get credit. AKA, no company can borrow money to fund the growth and expansion of their business. The rest of the world relies on American banks, and when they failed, businesses around the globe were also cut off. Oil prices were high due to rapid growth in countries like India and China. Now that new factories can no longer be built, there is no longer a super high demand for oil. For the price of oil stabilize, the banking system and our economy must first be stabilized, the rest will follow.