What do Americans, and illegal aliens think of this?

Here is a REAL INTERVIEW with an illegal Mexican at a protest march in Texas.

Below is a good example of a discussion with a master of circular logic. Don’t be logical, don’t respect the truth or your adversary, just say what you think makes a new case when the previous case gets too difficult to defend. On the streets of downtown Houston, May 1, 2006.

Jim Moore reporting for a Houston TV station:

Jim: Juan, I see that you and thousands of other protesters are marching in the streets to demonstrate for your cause. Exactly what is your cause and what do you expect to accomplish by this protest?
Juan: We want our rights. We will show you how powerful we are. We will bring Houston to its knees!
Jim: What rights?
Juan: Our right to live here legally. Our right to get all the benefits you get.
Jim: When did you come to the United States?
Juan: Six years ago. I crossed over the border at night with seven other friends.
Jim: Why did you come?
Juan: For work. I can earn as much in a month as I could in a year in Mexico. Besides, I get free health care, our Mexican children can go to school free, if I lose my job I will get Welfare, and someday I will have the Social Security. Nothing like that in Mexico!
Jim: Did you feel badly about breaking our immigration laws when you came?
Juan: No! Why should I feel bad? I have a right to be here. I have a right to amnesty I paid lots of money for my Social Security and Green Cards.
Jim: How did you acquire those documents?
Juan: From a guy in Dallas. He charged me a lot of money too.
Jim: Did you know that those documents were forged?
Juan: It is of no matter. I have a right to be here and work.
Jim: What is the "right" you speak of?
Juan: The right of all Aliens. It is found in your Constitution. Read it!
Jim: I have read it, but I do not remember it saying anything about rights for Aliens.
Juan: It is in that part where it says that all men have Alien rights, like the right to pursue happiness. I wasn’t happy in Mexico, so I came here.
Jim: I think you are referring to the declaration of Independence and that document speaks to unalienable rights .. Not Alien rights.
Juan: Whatever.
Jim: Since you are demanding to become an American citizen, why then are you carrying a Mexican Flag?
Juan: Because I am Mexican.
Jim: But you said you want to be given amnesty to become a US citizen.
Juan: No. This is not what we want. This is our country, a part of Mexico that you Gringos stole from us. We want it returned to its rightful owner.
Jim: Juan, you are standing in Texas. After wining the war with Mexico, Texas became a Republic, and later Texans voted to join the USA. It was not stolen from Mexico.
Juan: That is a Gringo lie. Texas was stolen. So was California, New Mexico and Arizona It is just like all the other stuff you Gringos steal, like oil and babies. You are a country of thieves.
Jim: Babies? You think we steal babies?
Juan: Sure. Like from Korea and Vietnam and China. I see them all over the place. You let all these foreigners in, but try to keep us Mexicans out. How is this fair?
Jim: So, you really don’t want to become an American citizen then.
Juan: I just want my rights! Everyone has a right to live, work, and speak their native language wherever and whenever they please. That’s another thing we demand. All signs and official documents should be in Spanish . Teachers must teach in Spanish. Soon, more people here in Houston will speak Spanish than English. It is our right!
Jim: If I were to cross over the border into Mexico without proper documentation, what rights would I have there?
Juan: None. You would probably go to jail, but that’s different.
Jim: How is it different? You said everyone has the right to live wherever they please
Juan: You Gringos are a bunch of land grabbing thieves. Now you want Mexico too? Mexico has its rights. You Gringos have no rights in Mexico. Why would you want to go there anyway? There is no free medical service, schools, or welfare there for foreigners such as you. You cannot even own land in my country. Stay in the country of your birth.
Jim: I can see that there is no way that we can agree on this issue. Thank you for your comments.
Juan: Viva Mexico!

Pass this along to every American citizen in your address books and to every representative in the state and federal government. If you choose to remain uninvolved, do not be amazed when you no longer have a nation to call your own nor anything you have worked for left since it will be "redistributed" to the activists while you are so peacefully staying out of the "fray". Check history, it is full of nations/empires that disappeared when its citizens no longer held their core beliefs and values. One person CAN make a difference. One plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one……..
The battle for our secure borders and immigration laws that actually mean something, however, hasn’t even begun.
It is an illegal alien tactic to call an American a racist just because we want to our immigration laws abided by. The loser who called me a racist, must know more about being one than I do. I welcome legal immigrant’s, just not those aliens who come to steal, and break our laws. That isn’t love of country, is it?

18 Responses to “What do Americans, and illegal aliens think of this?”

  1. bgdadyp Says:

    it is time for every American to stand up and defend our country from the invaders that are crossing our borders.
    and if any one thinks it is not invasion then what would you call 12 million people sneaking in like thieves in the night to disrupt our way of life?
    make no mistake it is an invasion and since our government won’t do anything it is up to us.

  2. azawalli Says:

    The language used by "Juan" in this alleged interview transcript is so transparently fake that either "Juan" was an actor who had memorized Republican talking points on immigration or the whole interview simply never happened; that is, this is a fake. I’m voting for "fake"; this is so amateurish that it sounds like it was made by one of the teenage Republican pod people who frequent Yahoo Answers. Nice try, troll.

  3. bess Says:

    What is your point? That there are ignorant illegals coming maybe they can join forces here with our homegrown ignorant know it alls. Surely you must know that not all illegal Mexicans are this ignorant. Further instead of spending so much to keep them out maybe we should work with their government to improve conditions there. If situation reversed I think I might walk the desert to feed my family. We should hold the employers more accountable and make it more expensive after the fines than finding legal immigrants or US citizens to work and then it would stop. If no one hired them here they would not come. As to the economic drain on our social policies we should not allow them to use them. It is that simple. Even so I wonder how much money we get from the illegals who pay social security and never use it in order to work in this country.

  4. sanchito1313 Says:

    You get idiots everywhere. look at our presidential candidates

  5. Pfo Says:

    I know illegal aliens, and they don’t talk, act, or think like that. They work 14 hour days without food for their families and they hope they can receive amnesty. They respect American rights and they are trying to learn English (and succeeding) so singling out 1 bad apply means -nothing- to any open minded person.

  6. joevette Says:

    Are you kidding us? Was thet really real or what? I have seen that attitude but never heard it spoken so directly, so I do find this a little hard to believe. If you have a link please post it I would like to pass this to a few friends because they will get a kick out of it. One of the friends is debating the immigration issue in her college class and this should help to keep it interesting. i will not forward it without a link to give me a way to check it’s truth in reporting.

  7. Petey V2.0 Beta Says:

    this has been posted here before….proven that the interview never took place

    funny you didnt post your sources….reeeeal funny
    nice try though 😎

  8. me2 Says:

    That about sums it up, sad but true, even it is not a real interview it has all the elements of truth

  9. Zomba Fett Says:

    I just wonder why the reporter did not "report" Juan to police, so he would get arrested and deported back to Mexico? I would do that in a heart beat…

  10. EZMZ Says:

    Friends—-we are being invaded against our will—–the will of the people is quite clear—–we overwhelmingly want our current laws ENFORCED.——we need to pound this into our senators and rep’s of the house over and over until they get the idea…..last time this hit the senate floor we kept their switchboards buzzing with faxes and phone calls———SPEAK OUT.

  11. Suze Says:

    I have a friend living in Houston. She says they get even more financial breaks due to the Dream Act.

    Until the government of USA believes in CITIZENS FIRST, this country won’t have anything to brag about.

  12. giantph Says:

    I don’t think this is a real interview (there’s no way an illegal is this outspoken and speaks proper English)…but it’s a good summary of why illegals should be thrown out.

  13. ▪ώhiteĝırl▪ Says:

    What I think: It sounds pretty real to me.

  14. sociald Says:

    Well not that I doubt conversations go on like this but…
    This alleged interview seems made up by someone.
    The Jim Moore that worked for the Houston station quit working for it in 1999. And they (KHOU-TV) have denied every airing this interview.

  15. Steve I Says:

    Immigration these days is really a hot topic. We all have opinions, solutions, or simply, don’t give a damn.
    One thing I have to tell you, there is hate and racism growing fast, and your question is proof of that.
    That conversation is totally fake. I didn’t have to read more that five lines to know that.

  16. Ms.L.A. Says:

    Real interview or not, it does seem to represent the attitude of what I’ve seen and heard for La Raza.etc. They are about to be deported and are clutching at straws to prevent that. It’s too bad that not all Americans are ready to hand over the keys to their homes and vehicles, we won’t allow such a small faction of illegals to knot up our way of life. I’m more than ready to fight for secure borders and deportation of all illegal invaders.

  17. JustSaySo Says:

    Fiction or non-fiction, this seems to sum up the attitude of illegal aliens and their in-your-face you can’t stop us rants.

  18. sarge Says:

    First of all let me say that my remarks are not aimed at all immigrants to the US. We have some very fine people here from other lands who have come here to make a better life for themselves and their families and I respect them. After all the only true Americans who started life in this country and never left for any foreign shore are the American Indians or Native Americans. All the rest of us are in fact aliens. What angers me is the ones who come here and exercise absolutely no effort to become a part of this great nation. They want food stamps, tax breaks, education for their children, a place to live, a share of the social security, health benefits and freedom to do as they damn well please without paying the ante of learning English, serving this country in the armed forces and paying taxes . I don’t know if this interview is real or not and I really don’t give a damn. But it does give a good example of the things the real Americans( black, white hispanic, asian, and all others) have to deal with immediately.
    Strict immigration laws must be passed and enforced and all illegals currently in the US should be deported without prejudice. IMMEDIATELY. Without it our country faces destruction as we know it. I’ve paid my dues. It’s time for those who want to live in this great country to pay theirs.