What do Americans call gas?

If Americans call petrol ‘gas’, then what do they call gas? For example, natural gas that you cook with…

Like when they talk about the price of gas, how are you supposed to know whether they’re talking about petrol prices or central heating prices?!

6 Responses to “What do Americans call gas?”

  1. jesuslard Says:

    We call it: Natural gas, or propane.

    The price of gas phrase is also extended to the price of gasoline.

    When you Brits talk about Bonnets on your car, what cloth are they made out of?


  2. Black British Says:

    gas lol they’re funny oh maybe they call it oil vapor

  3. sonde laton Says:

    When speaking of petrol they say gasoline. Even if they say gas you would be able to tell by the context of the conversation. If they are talking about the gas for your home, they could say gas for home heating and for cooking, it would be cooking gas.

  4. ed Says:

    Gas is short for gasoline when refering to petrol.
    Natural gas is used for cooking, as well as propane "gas".

  5. An-gy Says:

    I’m a Yank living in Australia. In the states, what Brits and Australians call gas, is LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) or propane, most of the time, although when I heated a house in the States with LPG, it was just called "gas heat." So it is situation-dependent to some extent. But what is put in a car is almost always called "Gas" throughout the USA.


  6. Sissy Space-Sick Says:

    ‘Petrol’ as U call it. is called ‘gas’ as a slang/abbreviation of "gasoline’ as "petrol" is for "petroleum" (oil) We refer to any substance in a ‘gaseous’ state (in scientific terminology) as a "gas" – just like U people lol !