What do dog owners do about doggie do?

This is a serious question even though it may not seem to be. I realize that, like the old saying, "shit happens." But, as a new dog owner, I want to ask someone more experienced with dogs how they manage it. Do you bag it? Leave it and let it fertilize where it lands? Teach your dog to use the toilet?

This is something I never gave any thought to before getting a dog. Mine is still a puppy right now. But, I realize this will be something to deal with for a long time.
We intend for him to be an indoor dog.

12 Responses to “What do dog owners do about doggie do?”

  1. Z Says:

    On lawns and in public places, like parks or beaches where people go, absolutely pick it up, each and every time. In the woods and really off the beaten path – I leave it.

  2. RyanL Says:

    well i say if the dog is an outside dog and you don’t poop in your yard leave if not clean it up.

  3. Jessie Says:

    I bag it and throw it out.

  4. Christine Says:

    When house breaking my dog it was taken to a specific part in the garden each time. Now that she is older she prefers that area. Pick it up with a poop scooper that you attach a bag to. I am not really acquainted with the fertilizing abilities of dog poop but we pick it up as it gets really humid here and that makes the smell go into the air and travel into the house.

    So we pick up.

  5. Amy Says:

    You have to pick it up because it would take a long time to break down and become fertilizer plus to much will destroy the grass.

    We pick it up out of our yard once a week. We take plastic grocery bags so that if she goes when we’re walking we pick it up. It all just goes in the trash.

    If you can teach your dog to use the toilet you should video it and put it on youtube.

  6. Kelz Says:

    Well if my dog does one in the park or a public place i absoulutely pick it up with a bag as it can be dangerous for kids. But if my dog does it in he garden then i leave but pick it up later.

  7. Stacey Says:

    I walk my dog on public streets so I pick up with a bag every time. If your dog will be doing its business in your yard I still think it is a good idea to pick it up and bag every day or two. There are also services that will come do it for you. One in my area is called. "Doody Calls"

  8. Linda Y Says:

    You can get a service to pick it up. Around here they cost about $20.00 a week. Pretty cheap and it leaves you more time to play with your dog.

  9. say it all... Says:

    We let ours go in the yard – I mean who is to stop him? Then we shovel it up and toss it in the woods in a designated area (we have a lot of woods in and around our lot).

    In the morning, I walk the dog on the trails in our woods and he takes care of his business off the trails. He also goes into the woods by himself to go potty sometimes.

    When we are out we have the bag dispenser on the leash so we bag and trash.

    Our last dog was a city dog so we trained him to go in bushes, because we were young and irresponsible with pick up. So when we moved to our home he wouldn’t go anywhere but in the woods. I mention that because it’s possible to train them to use a certain area.

  10. T J Says:

    You can always teach your dog to 😉

    What I do is the dog food goes into a plastic trash can (mice & bugs can’t get into it), the dog poop goes into the dog food bag, and the dog food bag goes into the garbage.

  11. Choco Says:

    ON A WALK: I scoop it up and throw it away in a trash can when I see one.

    At HOME: My dog was taught to go sit by the back door to indicate he wants to go potty. We let him out, he does his business, comes in, we clean his paws, and we clean the poop.

  12. Jilly Says:

    I have a little plastic bag dispenser that we got from petco that just clips onto his leash. That way I’m guaranteed never to forget plastic bags. It’s easily the best $10 I’ve spent at that store. I live in an urban area so the majority of our walks are past people’s houses and I always pick up after my dog. I tend to carry the bag around with me until I get home, because I used to hate it when people would dump their dog waste in my garbage can.

    Seriously, the leash plastic bag dispenser. Best invention ever.