What do petroleum engineers do with all that petroleum?

do they make jelly for PB&J sammiches? Or, is it what they put in KY? No, not Kentucky geniuses.

5 Responses to “What do petroleum engineers do with all that petroleum?”

  1. Huh? Take X Says:

    I think they manually masturbate livestock for artificial insemination

  2. astroeyes2000 Says:

    I’m sure if you bent over they’d be happy to show you.

  3. Rusty Tater © Says:

    What a silly question… they spend all day, bending over backwards to lubricate one another !

  4. I need more Cowbell!® Says:

    They let it turn into a gel that they use to make fake vomit. True story!

  5. Run PHATGIRL run Says:

    Butt secks is the obvious answer.