What do you think about drilling our oil now?

Please read the link details before you answer.

This was Russia just 10years ago.


Then they started to Drill their Oil and Gas and selling it. 1998 Russian air force was surviving by letting Tourist fly in Migs so they can eat.

Today the Russian Army is powerful and well fed again, how you may ask answer is simple they are using their own natural resources and there is no objection from anyone in Russia, and they are as far left as you can go.

3 Responses to “What do you think about drilling our oil now?”

  1. mrs_endless Says:

    Here is a link to CNN money. scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the prices for a gallon of gas in these oil rich countries, who are selling us oil. and then take a look at our own gas prices. If we become an oil producing country such as these….you WILL see our gas prices drop.


    I hope this link works…..after I posted it appears it did not work…..look up global gas prices

  2. justagirl Says:

    Russia has a much greater oil reserve than we do. I would support drilling domestic oil reserves under 2 conditions:

    1. It doesn’t leave the country.

    2. We must be completely oil-free in 10 years. It’s doable. It’s been doable. It’s time to get busy.

  3. nogashere Says:

    The Russian Left is a bit different than the US Left, that one has been known for years. The US Left have the same agenda, but they want their little earmarks attatched to the total outcome.