What do you think about the TV show "Gurrilla gardeners"?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, a bunch of people go around to public places in the city and beautify them with plants and sculptures and so fourth. Thet are "gurrilla" because they have no council approval, don’t know whether the land is public or private, and pretend to be council workers or various companies such as "Big things Australia" (made up)

I totally agree that it’s a good thing to beautiful public spaces. However they shouldn’t be doing it without public approval. They have built on a piece of privately owned land, which they owner was about to develop and had to pay to get rid off the all the plants and sculptures. They also don’t check whether it’s safe- the have drilled into the top of a tunnel and placed several very heavy objects on top, comprimising the integrity of the strucutre, The council has also ripped up thousands of dollars worth of their plants as they presented a risk to public safety. All their materials are donated, it’s such as waste.

Why don’t they go through public chanels and do it right?

Your views?

One Response to “What do you think about the TV show "Gurrilla gardeners"?”

  1. Stacey T Says:

    Sounds Funny.