What do you think of BP's next step to attempt to contain the oil leak…?

tHis actually seems to be the easiest, and most logical option that they probably should have tried first…..What do you think?

"BP to install new containment system
Doug Suttles, chief operating officer of BP Exploration & Production, said the top kill pumping started at 1 p.m. CDT on May 26. The operation involved repeatedly pumping awhile and then stopping and monitoring the well. The decision to give up on the top kill effort was made about 4 p.m. on May 29.

“The next thing to do is to capture as much of the flow as we can,” Suttles said, adding the LMRP cap is expected to collect a majority of the leaking oil and gas. “It’s another version of what we used to call top hat” (OGJ, May 17, 2010, p. 23). The collected oil and gas will go to a drillship on the surface.

The LMRP cap installation involves cutting and then removing the damaged riser from the top of the failed BOP to leave a cleanly-cut pipe. The cap is designed to be connected to a riser from Transocean’s Discoverer Enterprise drillship and placed over the LMRP with the intention of the cap capturing most of the oil and gas flowing from the well.

BP said the LMRP cap “has not been previously carried out in 5,000 ft of water, and the successful deployment of the containment system cannot be assured.”

The first relief well has reached 12,090 ft of its 18,000 ft TD. Drilling of the second relief well is temporarily suspended and is expected to recommence shortly. It’s at 8,576 ft.

“This scares everybody, the fact that we can’t stop this flow,” Suttles said. “We are going to keep after it until we get it fully contained, fully stopped, and until we get this relief well done.”"

Rico-I am not a liberal thanks for playing.
Val I know. I saw the saw on the lIve feed this morning. but if it is mostly contained cleanup can seriously be the focus.

6 Responses to “What do you think of BP's next step to attempt to contain the oil leak…?”

  1. good guy Says:

    i think about 98% of the world’s population doesn’t care how it’s done (within reason), they just want it stopped. The 2% who don’t want it stopped are the selfish, greedy folks who own big oil stocks and are hoping on gas prices rising.

  2. Ed Says:

    its not on bps hands anymore.

  3. Rico Says:

    You liberals want the government to solve all your problems.

    Smaller government! Free markets!

    Besides, Rush says if left alone nature will fix the problem on its own.

    (funny how the right wants less government, except for whatever it thinks is important–less spending, unless it’s for what they value)

  4. Ask me about The Beatles Says:

    It might work.

  5. Val Says:

    BP tonight night deployed an underwater robot with a saw in an attempt to slice off the leaking pipe and place a cap and seal over the opening – an extremely complicated manoeuvre.

    In practice, it now seems almost certain that the oil from the worst spill in American history is likely to continue to flow until a relief well is drilled – an operation expected to take several more weeks.

  6. Baron Says:

    when they cut off the riser end ,more oil well likely leak out, the idea is sound but at 5,000 ft the pressure is too great and the welding and cutting will be done by remote control…..its going to take relief wells…..and no more mistakes,,,or some mk45 totorpedo’s barn