What do you think of Obama, our government and our gas prices today?

These retarded city government people know nothing. If gas prices goes to a gallon..diesel goes to ..just think how much it will cost farmers to fun there diesel tractors to grow food for the world. There will never be solar powered , electric tractors…..food prices would increase to as much as 5 times. Want to buy a loaf of bread for ? A pound of beef for ? How about a chicken for ? WHAT A BUNCH OR MORONS!!!! What about trips on airplanes??? You will ride on electric airplane????? Planes will and always will need jet fuel..made from oil!!!!! Want to fly and a ticket from new york to california costing 00? How about a flight from new york to London or europe costing 000? This is what prices will be if OBAMA THE BIG EARS has his way and taxes our gas supply or lets oil prices skyrocket. WE HAVE BILLIONS OF BARRELS OIL IN USA..LETS DRILL!!!!
your a bunch of morons who say gas and oil is where it should be for the USA. gas is cheaper in china for crying out loud..in russia gas is actually 70 cents cheaper than USA. as for UK……gas is not a gallon there you idiot…it is only .50 a gallon and your prices of foods there is way less than USA.

Europe does not pay you moron. it is they pay

11 Responses to “What do you think of Obama, our government and our gas prices today?”

  1. tfoley5000 Says:

    I think obama Is allowing people to go crazy from every walk of life no escape It, i think his plan to tell people to speak through the far left and far right sounds like chicago politics.

    The government yes the system Is broken but who elected them In washington at the people they are slaves to corporations, unions and self made billionaires they get elected officials elected at the voting public we are consumers they are contributors we have always kissed their asses at that’s wrong.

    As for the oil gas prices I can see $9.00 to $10.00 a gallon and all the food don’t get me started here the point Is the terrorists In the mid-east saudis al qaeda, qaddafi, cheney, bush 43, palin, limbaugh, beck, malkin, koch brothers, they are all responsible for high oil prices because they are all part of the oil Industry intentionally destroying our economy I haven’t forget the BP oil disaster at deep horizon watch another hurricane or bombing done by terrorists will make the economy shut down before the government, all americans wil mandatory fight back they will have to stand to fight for human survival because that’s what will happen.


    We won’t learn.
    I have to give it to those Arabs, I mean, they might not be the best type of people you want to hang around with, but they have something most of us americans don’t have.
    They have something in common with the people who founded this great nation, they have revolutionary spirits.
    There was a time,
    a long time ago,
    before Justin Beiber, and Britney Spears took our brains,
    before fast foods took our guts,
    before dependency on the welfare took our muscle,
    before material objects stole our soul,
    we did things ourselves.
    Before we became fearful of fear itself.
    We didn’t rely on other countries to make us cheaply made products and supply us with oil, and wait for us to hand them money.
    We fought an entire empire called Britain, and we won.
    We were just a rag tag group of colonies that became the greatest nation that ever existed.

    It just bewilders me on why we can’t fix things ourselves.
    Why have we became afraid to protest and demand what we need.
    Did we get too fat and lazy? Or too afraid?
    Idk, maybe I’ve got it all wrong, I’m just some random kid in the US.

  3. Joseph the Second Says:

    Obama is doing fine. Our Government is the Same as Always. And Gas Prices are about where They OUGHT to Be- seeing as How We use so MUCH of the Stuff… :)

  4. Jerry Says:

    Obviously we’re saving those barrels for the natives, then when America falls the Arabs will be paying tribes over here to fuel their tanks.

  5. xpatinasia Says:

    President Obama is doing an extraordinary job, and the government is doing its best to repair the damages caused by Bush43’s economic policies. The gas prices is the US are substantially lower than in most of the world.

  6. MamaBas Says:

    Truly you’ve had it easy (cheap) for far too long …. try the prices in the UK – then you’d have something to cry about, especially as most of it goes to the Government in taxes. It’s crippling and even if we don’t use our cars as much as maybe we did in the past, this cost is reflected in everything because of the price of transporting goods to the stores.

  7. katzy Says:

    Wait, they will be drilling and very soon in North and South Dakota and Montana as well as Alaska. They have extremely rich and abundant resources in all four areas. It will happen so rest assure that you will be heard. Should happen by 2012.

    Obama will get the credit for it but actually it was planned by others not him. He is just the mouthpiece.

  8. roderick_young Says:

    When we went to Europe, they were already paying the equivalent of $9 a gallon for gas, and life goes on. If anything, they are more conscious of energy and resource conservation there. When we went to $5 in my area a few years ago, gas consumption went way down. But life went on. I saw more bicycles in the parking lot, people combining errands for efficiency, people buying smaller cars. No business wants to pay more for anything, and few individuals do, $9 gas could trigger massive conservation and break our dependence on foreign oil.

  9. gongorio Says:

    its not as bad as it was under BUSH! at least for now.

  10. Barry Sotorro Says:

    its not that bad. In Europe they pay $10 a gallon and theyre doing just fine!

  11. Jame Abron Says:

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