What do you think of the federal law giving renters have an added 90 days eviction protection?

Banks and mortgage companies can no longer require the tenant be removed the same day as the former owner.

Once the bank takes the house back, they become the "Land-Lord" They must provide all the same utilities the former land owner provided. And the federal law in effect now until Dec. 2012, gives the tenant 90 days no matter their state laws, except in few cases, as the land lord moving into the building.

In a case where the land lord physically moved in the protection laws would revert to state law or contract laws.

Neither law gives the new landlord right of automatic eviction on the day the former owner is out.

4 Responses to “What do you think of the federal law giving renters have an added 90 days eviction protection?”

  1. Mary P Says:

    It is more fair for the renter with a lease. If an owner sells a tenant occupied home, and there is no foreclosure pending, the buyer must respect the terms of the lease that was signed by the tenant and prior owner. This changes when the house is foreclosed on, and puts the tenant at a big disadvantage because he has been paying rent, and had no expectation of having to move before the end of his legal contract, called a lease.

  2. Wildcat Says:

    I think it is a GREAT thing!! It is NOT the tenants fault that the owner stopped paying the mortgage and they should not be penalized for it.

    EDIT: We all know that it is rare that a foreclsoure is caused by the tenant not paying! And they do NOT get a 3 mo free ride! They still have to pay the rent to the bank.

  3. Carmel Mom Says:

    I think it is fair for the tenants, so long as they have been paying rent on a timely basis. It would be unfair if the reason the house was foreclosed was due to non-payment of the renter and the owner could not make the payments on the house and got behind.

  4. rainedayz_tx Says:

    It is only fair to honest tenants who have been actually paying rent.For those who have not paid rent in months it is nothing more than another 3 month free ride.