What dog breed would be right for me?

Saile wants a big dog that is reasonable to train at a young age, can be used for bird hunting as well as tracking imposters on a few acres of land, is fun to play with even if it plays mean, has to do well in the kind of weather and temperatures that occur every season in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Most importantly of all, it has to make a good companion for his owner and can be trained to like his friends and family and possibly be a little meaner to a few certain people.

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  1. DR.Rosen Says:

    First of all, think about which type of dogs you like and find attractive. Then you decide, which dog would serve your purposes and how much you are willing or able to spend. Dogs with papers can be very expensive. Sometimes you get good deals from ASPCA. The other thing that it’s very important to train the dog in all the areas you mention. You could do it yourself or better yet, if you can have a trainer do it. Also look at the dog’s physical and emotional condition,and if possible how was he treated by his/her previous owner.Also consider the dog’s age in order to determine his/her life expectancy The age would also determine what type of training would be most appropriate

    In terms of dogs I especially like St Bernards, German Shepherd , Doberman, Great Dane, Alaskan Huskies. Good Luck and enjoy,

  2. Dragonfry Says:

    Robo dog!

  3. Confused ϟ Says:

    German Shepard
    Golden Retriever

  4. Skool Girl Says:

    You should get a beagle,husky,or golden retriever, perfect for training hunting and all weather conditions no matter what its like outside..

  5. LG Says:

    Maybe a husky or a german shepard. They’re both intelligent dogs, with a mean side if you train them that way. They will make good companions, just be ready for all the exercise they’ll need. Have fun with your new pup!

  6. letterstoheather Says:

    english pointer, golden retriever, chesapeake bay retriever, labrador retriever, springer spaniel

    dogs are not usually naturally "mean", especially dogs in this category. however, any dog you keep in your home, will alert you of strangers coming to the house, or even people passing by. you really don’t want a dog who will attack people anyway – it’s cause for a law suit.

  7. Jamie Says:

    I would recommend a german rottweiler I have german
    the way he is around my family and kids you would think he was a pug very gentle when we are out side we play catch and other fun things when me and him play we are rough on the ground growling and stuff when my kids get close he goes from rough " " mean Attack dog (": IM JUST SAYING =HE NOT MEAN ;’) to very nice and gentile and easy and any one you don’t want around you can train the dog to take that person to the road with out having to touch him I know its happened to me

  8. Ritchellei Says:

    Hi! You may want to take the short quiz to figure out what type of dog best suits your personality. Check this out.

  9. Greatdog86 Says:

    Choosing a "breed" is the wrong approach to adopting a dog.