What exactly is "crude oil"? Where is it found & what purpose does it serve there?

After all, air & water are important and have purposes. So what about oil in it’s original place?

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  1. tom Says:

    The noun crude oil has one meaning:

    Meaning #1: a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons
    Synonyms: petroleum, crude, coal oil, rock oil, fossil oil

    and the following site will give you some information. good luck.


  2. rt11guru Says:

    Crude oil is oil in the form that it’s found in nature.

    It doesn’t need a purpose to exist, it just is.

    Same for air and water, they don’t need a purpose. They can exist a lot of places where there is no life to support.

  3. johnb693 Says:

    Oil in its original place, is deep under the earth’s surface and has to be pumped out.
    It then has to be processed by a Refinery to turn it into products we can use, as lubricating oil, gasoline, diesel and a multitude, of products, including plastics, That we as consumers use every day.

  4. shadowman Says:

    It is the product of decayed plant life. It really serves no purpose other than becoming our liquid gold. It’s found anywhere underground.

  5. queenoftheoakies Says:

    Oil that hasn’t been refined yet. It doesn’t really serve a purpose where it is. It was just created in that place. It can stay there, but it really serves no purpose except filling a space in the ground about a mile below the surface.

  6. Rich Says:

    Crude oil is the sludge that was created millions of years ago its the rotten trees leaves dinosuors that has been covered and buried and under exptreme pressure. Its Carbon from carbon based life. Gasoline plastic products vaseleine and a whole lot of other products are made from it. Does it have a purpose under the ground I dont know maybe its purpose is to hold up the rock above it.

  7. jim z Says:

    I favor the theory that suggests it is not a "fossil" fuel but was formed as carbonaceous comets and debris was accumualted by our planet. The Cold Accretion theory is favored by most geologists but most seem to be still stuck in their previous mold of thinking that all hydrocarbons must have burned away in the formation of the earth. The hydrocarbons which accreted then moved upwards through cracks and formed crude oil deposits in places where they were trapped by geology.

  8. mosquitojammer Says:

    I don’t know a lot about oil but my opinion is…
    screw the caribou drill Alaska

  9. Tom-PG Says:

    Crude oil is simply a raw hydrocarbon rich fluid that is pumped from the ground. It is found in structural traps below the surface of the earth. Sources vary, but it is a by-product of buried sediments rich in carbon based life forms. This is the simplest answer I can come up with…….

    Crude oil’s value is not realized while it is in place (in-situ), its value is in what products it becomes. It is refined into fuels for our vehicles, plastics, synthetics, pharmaceutical drugs, polymers, petrochemicals, even tires for your car. Nearly 50% of a barrel (42 gallons) of oil becomes something other than a fuel.

    Life would be much harder without crude oil.

    Jim_Z – did you fall asleep in science class? Of the 25 geologists I work with, including 7 PhD’s, zero (0), nada, zippo, put any merit in the theory you present. Most thanked me for the laugh of the day. Most geologists???…. indeed.

  10. Not a perfect fool but trying Says:

    Crude oil is simply oil in it’s natural state — in other words it has not been refined. In its natural or crude state it has a wide range of properties both chemically and physically. It could be very viscous (like in the Athabasca tar sands) or it could be the opposite and be nearly a gas. Chemically it may be very complex and hold a number of "non-hydrocarbons" in its makeup.

    It doesn’t really have a purpose in the ground, per se. In it’s natural places it may be thousands or meters or feet below the surface of the earth, or it can be found in pools on the surface or as seeps under the ocean.

  11. makeup lady Says:

    Oil that needs its’ mouth washed out with soap!

  12. christie 4 u Says:

    Crude oil is un-processesed petroleum i.e.it was just extracted from the ground.It’s purpose to human beings is that if they discover oil in their land they could process it and sell it as petroleum to get large hunks of money.

  13. confused Says:

    Crude oil unkempt oil

  14. geaaronson Says:

    Crude oil is oil extracted from the oil fields before the refinery stage. It contains impurities, thence the name, ¨crude oil¨.

  15. shawn b Says:

    it is found in deposits in the earths crust, crude oil is just oil that hasn’t been refined into the oil we use for everything

  16. Jason Says:

    It is a lubricant for the plates of the earth u fools, as it depletes we will see an increase in seismic activity as the plates shifting will have no lubricant to allow them to move smoothly!!!!! Do I need to spell out the rest. WAKE UP