What happened to the good government we used to have?

We use to have a government that care about people. I just learn about something that is happening in Michigan but that it is been happening for 7 or eight years. Oil and gas companies offering people 00 an acre for the right to drill on their land. If the person agrees, he or she is not allowed to talk to the press. The reason they cannot is because of the method they use to drill. The Hidraulic Fracturing method. Because they use liquid, this liquid gets into the ground contaminating everything including people’s drinking water. It is not surprising that these companies are EXEMPT from the clean water act. My son visited someone in Traverse Michigan and the owner of the land was considering taking the 00 per acre and she refused when she read the contract and someone showed her the documentary: GAS LAND. In this documentary they show tap water on fire.

8 Responses to “What happened to the good government we used to have?”

  1. Shuthrower Says:

    We had good goverment until Reagan told everyone that government was a problem. Problem for business and corporations, that is. Since the republican mantra of supply side, trickle down economics and de-regulation took hold in conservative and right wing minds, which included dismantling of unions and workers rights and the shipment of jobs overseas, this country has turned into a corporate banana republic. All for the top, leave nothing for the rest. Republicans convinced everyone that the poor and the people on welfare were the problem and the drain on the economy. The truth is… the party of NO put them there.

  2. RogerRamjet Says:

    how old are u?

    very very old i guess…

  3. Corp Says:

    BUSH’s were on offfice for how long

    8 + 4 + 8 = the last 20 years of GOP DESTRUCTION

    Bush sr thru jr

  4. piscopera Says:

    @roger, who cares how old the poster is? I don’t know if you ever had good government or if politicians were just better able to hide things. Canada is the same. Good question though.

  5. correrafan Says:

    It ended when elected officials gained easy access to other peoples’ money. Now if they just need a junket to Asia, dip into the lobbyist’s money jar. Need to join a new country club, dip into the lobbyist’s money jar. Need a new yacht, dip into the lobbyist’s money jar. Why do you think that Big Business is exempt from things that would get us life in prison if we committed them? Because congress is all on the take! They ALL have their hands in OUR cookie jar! They’re ALL on the payroll of lobbyists! Their salaries that we taxpayers fork over each year is pennies compared to what they get from lobbyists. Lobbying should be seen for what it is: legalized bribery!

  6. robbie Says:

    To answer "What happened": The church withdrew from the public square because of certain controversial issues and secularism invaded.

  7. chris Says:

    It was stolen from us in 2000

  8. Bob O Says:

    Good government started going down the drain during the Nixon administration. It was completely flushed down the toilet with the election of Ronald Reagan.