What happens when I put Potassium metal into Bromine and add in petroleum?

My uncle said it’ll make a good tasting drink that tastes like lemonade.

Is this true? Should I try it?

7 Responses to “What happens when I put Potassium metal into Bromine and add in petroleum?”

  1. fortitudinousskeptic Says:

    Seeing as you can spell and write a coherent sentence, I’m trusting this is a joke and you’re not a moron. If it is a serious question, your uncle is an evil, evil man. Bad uncle……

  2. hanksimon Says:

    BOOOOOM ! Potassium and Bromine will catch fire, and petroleum will just add fuel to the fire.

  3. Koozie the chemist Says:


    Add petroleum to that reaction and youll just find a mess of fire and spraying petrol. In no way would this taste like lemonade or be anything less than toxic. Your uncle doesn’t like you does he?

  4. Roger S Says:


    First of all, the ingredients are going to be difficult to get. The petroleum is easy enough – just go to a gas station. Do remember to bring the proper container. Of course, one can always siphon gas out of cars, but the gas caps tend to lock these days.

    Potassium metal and liquid bromine will be next to impossible to obtain. Chemical companies don’t sell to individuals because everyone is suspected of being a terrorist these days. Granted, one can try what Humphry Davies did in the 18th century – melt some potassium chloride and apply direct current to it. Liquid potassium metal will accumulate along with chlorine gas. If one has enough salt and electricity, Bromine can be obtained from the electrolysis of sea water.

    Even if one manages to collect all three ingredients, they could not safely mix them. Potassium metal reacts almost explosively with liquid bromine. This will doubtlessly ignite the petroleum. It will make a nice fireworks display, since the flames will be purple because of the potassium.

    As far as trying to drink this stuff, well, everyone ought to know petroleum is toxic. Bromine is poisonious and potassium has to be in the form of a salt before it can be safely handled. I doubt any of the ingredients taste like lemonaide. I suspect salty, aromatic bleach would be much more accurate.

  5. sillu s Says:

    Don’t try this buddy. You know that potassium is very reactive metal. It will catch fire quickly when mixed with liquid bromine……So now u can felt that what would happened if u mix it with petrol.!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. scott k Says:

    Not really a good combination, unless you want to blow your self up. Actually I like the aluminum metal and bromine reaction. Ive done it and it is coooooollllllllllllll.

  7. STePHeN Says:

    Not only all of the above, but bromine is a carcinogen, so expect cancer in the following years.