What happens when your dog eats petroleum jelly?

As you know as dogs age, their paws become more dry and callous. I’ve heard that petroleum jelly will soothe the paw and I’ve put on some, but now I’m worried he’s going to lick it. Should I be worried? Would it adversely effect him if he licks it?
And do you think I should keep doing this?

3 Responses to “What happens when your dog eats petroleum jelly?”

  1. ilvmystical Says:

    I think it’s fine to use vaseline on your dogs paws. Vaseline acts as a laxative for animals but I don’t think that small amount will hurt him.

  2. Bonzie12 Says:

    he might get some diarrhea but other then that I don’t see that it would hurt.

  3. sisu Says:

    The amount on a paw should cause no problem. A jar may cause diarrhea.