What has happened to prices at the pumps since GWB lifted the executive petroleum drilling ban?


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  1. High Mountain Rider, We find em. Says:

    With one simple statement, the head of the free world turned
    pricing around. What were those words. DEMS can you
    hear this or read this. I am lifing the executive drilling band.

    Which what now, tells your friends who hold the guns to our
    head we will drill our own, and flood the market. putting them
    in the hole for a change. But have the DEMS responded NO.

    They have shown who they back in this country , and it is not
    the American People.

  2. Brian Says:

    They fell as would be expected..

  3. Dick Tater Is In Awesome World Says:

    They have gone down. I don’t know (either way) if this was the reason for the price going down. We also have to look at what the Chinese government has done in preparation for the Olympics.

    Edit: Actually Diana, you might want to check on that. The last time I checked, the lowest gas prices were 1 hour northwest of me in Tucson, AZ. I’ll check back on that.

    Edit: I wasn’t out to prove you wrong. Just wanted to boast my area. It is funny though, with some gas stations right off I-10. One gas station will be 30 cents more than one right across the street – and there are still cars over there.

    Here you go. It is about the same price as the average in Oklahoma: http://www.tucsongasprices.com/Tucson/index.aspx?

  4. Diana B Says:

    Here in Wichita, Kansas, we are currently enjoying the lowest gas prices in the country! :) Thanks GWB!

    EDIT: I heard this morning on my local news that the city I live in has the lowest prices in the country, but now I cannot find anything on their website that states that. I did, however, find this link ( http://www.kwch.com/Global/category.asp?C=135828 ) that shows the price of gas around my city at an average of 3.54 a gallon…

    EDIT (again): OK Dick Tater – I see now..you’re right. Wichita has 2nd lowest :) I stand corrected. http://www.gasbuddy.com/

    EDIT: I know what you mean about gas prices varying so much even within the same city. In my town, if you’re on the turnpike, you can fully expect to pay at least .15 to .20 more per gallon…rediculous!

  5. Paul Grass Says:

    they have fallen and if congress would act accordingly we could all aford to drive again

  6. Mirriam M Says:

    Dubious the connection.

    The prices started to fall when Bush announced an envoy to Iran.

  7. Scourge 0' Fascism Says:

    Are you saying that this is responsible for the price decline? That’s a post hoc logical fallacy. There is no more additional supply! The REAL reason is that prices have caused us to use less. Demand is down. Conservation WORKS!

  8. inspiring author Says:

    my gas dropped 6 cents

  9. ideogenetic Says:

    They fell when the United States Senate (Democrat controlled) announced it would investigate commodity market manipulation.

    [The pullback from commodities bulls comes amid a U.S. Senate investigation into the role played by speculative investors in energy markets.]
    "Traders Reduce Net Long Positions"

    [Under increasing pressure from Congress in recent months to crack down on speculative activity in the oil futures markets, today the CFTC filed civil charges against Optiver, a Dutch trading fund, plus two subsidiaries and three employees, alleging manipulation of crude oil, heating oil and gasoline futures prices on the NYMEX. According to the charges, the defendants attempted to manipulate short-term prices on 19 different occasions in March 2007, were successful at least five times, and netted an illicit profit of $1 million.]

    Ironically, that was after the Commodity Futures Trading Commission denied there was any speculative activity! The CFTC stuck to the Bush adminstration (oil-junta) propaganda line until Congress (the People’s branch) got involved.

  10. karen i Says:

    the prices are lower here in Thailand

  11. WILDMAN Says: