What if we had ACTUALLY invested the "stimulus" money into infrastructure?

I know this is almost irrelevant now, but what if we had invested in hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure, nuclear power plants, and domestic oil and gas exploration? What if we had begun drilling in ANWR? What would our country look like now? What would the unemployment rate be? How dependent would we then be on the middle east? Any thoughts?

10 Responses to “What if we had ACTUALLY invested the "stimulus" money into infrastructure?”

  1. Jamie Says:

    well for the last 20 years all presidents have ignored drilling in this country and we went from 30% dependent on foreign oil to 70% dependent on it ,and now we are going to suffer..

  2. This dog kicks Says:

    Better in every way.


  3. Annabelle Lee Says:

    Things would probably be a lot better. But the "stimulus" became a liberal wish-list and the money wasted.

  4. jaker Says:

    Not as much as if we had not spent the money but cut taxes and allowed people to spend the money on things they wanted. That would really have stimulated the economy and created private sector jobs.

  5. Cris Ray Says:

    The price of oil an everything else would be much lower an people would have more money to spend on good an services.Cheap energy built this country how BHO thinks making it more expensive will help it is a mystery.

  6. doctdon Says:

    That would have made a lot more sense than what really happened to it. I think most of that money lined someones pockets and the rest wound up over seas to enrich their economies.

  7. Glenjared Beckougher Says:

    What if we’d spent $3 trillion developing alternative energy instead of invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Beyond a humanitarian interest, would anyone in the US care what’s going on in Egypt this afternoon?

  8. gomanyes Says:

    A good portion of it was invested in infrastructure, mainly highways and railways, but also some to build schools and hospitals and the like. Unfortunately, Republicans insisted that a chunk of it go to tax breaks.

  9. zaldana callendar Says:

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