what is a good type of home owner insurance to get?

I may be purchasing my first home on a land contract from a person that i know that owns the house out right. the land contract would be a five year contract or sooner if i can afford to pay the house off. i have lived in the house at one time, not for sure about a few things on the house. i was wondering if anyone may know of a website or a website that may give an estimate quote on home owners insurance on the home i may be buying. i wanted to get some idea of how much it may be and what home owners insurance covers. i have looked at a few websites, but there are a lot of different things to include in insurance and different requirements that may need to be met before the house is insured. the house is a bit of a fixer upper and needs lots of tender loving care before its decent. its livable but i need insurance if i buy it. the owner who is selling isn’t requiring insurance, but i want to be smart and safe and have insurance. any suggestions?

i must give an answer to the owner tomorrow, because i know he has others wanting to buy. i don’t want to get into something that i have no clue about before purchasing. i am looking and getting the idea, but was looking for tips or more info.


3 Responses to “what is a good type of home owner insurance to get?”

  1. Zarnev Says:

    Call your auto insurance agent. Most car insurance companies also have homeowners insurance and you’ll get a discount having both with the same company.

  2. mbrcatz Says:

    Land Contracts are a DISASTER. They usually end up poorly for one or both sides.

    Are you LIVING in the home? The type of policy you need, is going to depend on a WIDE variety of factors, including the age, construction, occupancy, protection class, etc, of the home.

    My opinion . . .pass on the deal. Save your money up, and in five years, it will likely be available again, or still, for purchase outright.

  3. Pat Says:

    First of all, DO NOT buy a house on a land contract.
    Every single person I know who did that got screwed.
    You will regret it.

    So, since you’ve decided that I’m crazy and your "friend’ would never rip you off, GET OFF THE DAMN INTERNET.
    GO to an insurance broker.
    They can check coverage and rates for several insurance companies at once.

    If your "friend" won’t give you time to do proper research, RUN AND HIDE.