What is a petroleum engineer and how do i become one?

I have been working at burgur king for 27 years and make still make close to miniumum wage. Last week my brother in law who is a petroleum engineer came to visit and he told me that all he does is draw pictures on a computer and type numbers into a calculator and he makes 5,000 a year! So how do i become a petroleum engineer. I dropped out of high school but i think i can get my GED and i know how to type numbers into a calculator and draw pictures on a computer.

3 Responses to “What is a petroleum engineer and how do i become one?”

  1. I. B. Zoxx Says:

    Petroleum engineering is a four year degree offered at a university. It requires a considerable amount of math and science background.
    If it was easy, anybody could do it. It isn’t easy.
    Please learn to spell ‘Burger’ correctly.

  2. xpatinasia Says:

    Go to school.

  3. lare Says:

    the term "engineer" should be a clue. like other engineer disciplines, you start with a 4 year engineering degree which is a Bachelor of Science. it is a rather rigorous course of study compared to say a History or English BA degree, only certain technical colleges even offer it. If you spent 27 years at Burger King and never received a promotion, i doubt you have the where with all for a career as Petroleum Engineer.